May 11, 2012

Norah Jones and the Red Mary Jane Pumps

Last week I went to see Norah Jones in concert. I loved the music and her voice, but I also noticed her charming style: I think bangs look so much better and more sophisticated on her; she was wearing a short black dress with a wide red belt high on her waist. But the most precious detail was at her feet: the prettiest red shoes!

She walked about the stage a few times, she sat at the piano, sang center stage, walked back to the other side of the stage... all the while those little red shoes worked their way into my subconsciousness... so much so that today I woke up with the grand idea that I want (need!) red shoes!

To be honest, I don't remember exactly how hers looked like, but I think my imagination is already ahead of me and it has decided that they need to look something like this:

or this

But then a part of me feels that such red shoes might be too flashy, and so I should look into something a bit less red, something like this:

or this

Except everywhere I look they don't have my size...  :(
p.s. I really love the first ones

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