May 26, 2012

The Ten Hottest Actors of 2012

Since we are in the middle of MAD MEN Season, 
Jon Hamm is my number one.

Whenever I watch any of Ryan Gosling's movies 
he becomes number one.

All it takes is watching an episode from Arrested Development
and I am head over heels for Jason Bateman!

I feel terrible having Christian Bale at number 4 
because he's been my number one for years.
He needs to play more love stories so that I can 
get him back at number 1!

Mark my words: He is the next thing, up and coming, and here to stay. 
Garrett Hedlund is such a gorgeous boy!

Yes, Lost is over, but I can't forget Sawyer. 
Josh Holloway is always going to have a place in my heart. 

I have a love-hate thing for Jason Statham. He is undoubtedly HOT, 
but every movie he plays it's such a cliche' of guns and naked girls 
and muscles and fast cars and naked girls... 
it's so hard to like his characters. 
But he's so tough and so strong, has a lovely accent,
and have you seen his abs?!?

Jake Gyllenhaal is such a cutie pie!

Matt Damon has gotten so much better looking with age.

I need to put Matthew McConaughey here, because he's hot. 
I'm not a fan of all of his shenanigans, but every time he takes his shirt off,
I forgive him.

Some people might object that I've left out some big names (Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Johnny Depp...), and while I do find them still hot, I also feel that we need to make room for some fresher hotness...

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