June 8, 2012

Are you reading Fifty Shades of Grey?

Sooooo, are you reading Fifty Shades of Grey yet? If not, you are probably in the minority, because everyone around me is reading it. Let me give you an example of two different discussions I had today at work:

With my boss (of all people):

Me: Does your wife like to read?
My boss: Yes 
Me: Can I suggest a spicy book for you to get for her? (we're cool like that)
My boss: She's already reading it.
Me: Really?
My boss: Yes, she is already on the second book.
Me: Wow.

Later on, with a co-worker:

Me: Hey, are you reading the book?
Her: What???
Me: Are you reading the book?
Her: Yes!... How did you know?
Me: I didn't. I figured you were, and if you weren't I was going to suggest you to read it.

Now, can you find the one thing these two conversations have in common? We never even mentioned the book by name. Everyone knows about it. Period. It's THE BOOK right now. There is no other book. How crazy is that???

What about me you ask? I'm currently on page 322 of the first book. And loving every minute of it! I should be blushing for saying that, but I call it my guilty pleasure. :) 

I can't really write a review yet, because I haven't finished the book, but I can give you an idea of how much I'm enjoying it... A LOT! I'm only worried that as I continue reading tonight (yes, I only like to read it at night, after everybody is asleep!) I might feel different about it, since the main characters' relationship is taking an important turn (I won't spoil anything for you).

In any case, I have five things I like to add about this book:

1) The writing is nothing special. At all. It's no classic, it's no James Joyce (thankfully, because I'm still trying to read Ulysses). But once you accept the fact that the writing is so-so, then you make peace with it and you can focus on the story and the characters.

2) After the second night reading it, it dawned on me: this boy and girl story mirrors a lot the story of another famous book series - Twilight. Again, I don't want to spoil anything for you, but I found a lot of similarities (and I never read the Twilight books, I've just seen the movies). Later I found out that the author actually started this Fifty Shades of Grey story as a fan fiction based on Twilight! Ana and Chris were originally Bella and Edward. It makes a lot of sense. 

3) A lot of women are flocking to hardware stores and sex shops because of this book! Good for them! :)

4) Some people are complaining that the book is not realistic in the description of a BDSM relationship and I have to agree to a point. Living in NY I've seen pretty much everything in my younger days, and I would say that while it might not be very realistic, it's for the best. Nobody would have liked Christian Grey if he would have been too close to the reality of a man heavily into dominance. I haven't even finished the book and I can tell he's a lot softer than he could/should be.

5) As for the question that's on everyone's mind: who should be cast in the role of Christian Grey? Even if I can't understand how they will make a movie and show it on regular movie theaters, they have already bought the rights from the author (for 5 million dollars! I really have to start writing my own trilogy...). I have read all kind of suggestions from readers of the book, about actors I've never even heard of, from the guy from True Blood to the guy from Thor... somehow in my head I see Christian Bale as a good match (even if he is a bit older than Christian Grey). I almost don't care about who they will cast as the girl. For me, it's all about him.  :)

What are you waiting for??? Get all three and start dreaming (blushing)!



Daisy said...

A younger Christopher Walken. Or Frank Langella, for that matter.

Been there, done that - Ha!


NY Spender said...

Yes, I can totally see Christopher Walken (young!) in that role!

Frank Langella??? Nope.

I suppose you've read the book Ms. Daisy. ;)