July 18, 2012

Batman's Leading Ladies

Really? Anne Hathaway? Really? Why???

First it was Katie Holmes

and as you can see from the picture, Christian Bale is not really impressed with her.

Then it was Maggie Gyllenhaal

and Christian is not even looking at her... actually he's more than ok with her walking away... while she is more "should I stay? do you want me to stay?" except he's not even listening to her...

Now it's Anne Hathaway

and here Christian is obviously thinking: "why do they keep giving me these ugly chicks to star next to me?"

Here is your answer my dear Christian (actually it's one of two):

1) Either your wife has made you sign a contract where she picks these leading ladies


2) Mr. Nolan (Batman's director) has a thing for you and is too jealous to let you have any fun with some hot and good looking actress.

In any case, at this point I think I have a shot at being in your next Batman movie, because considering looks are not important (check), it has to be a brunette (check), and no acting skills are necessary (check), I am a pretty good candidate... call me!

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Hanes Sweatpants said...

Star wife seems really possessive.