August 22, 2012

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Slippers

I can't afford anything I like anymore! But let me start from the beginning...

Yesterday I was flipping through the pages of a Brooks Brothers' catalog and these slippers caught my eye:

Some girl was wearing them, and they looked very comfortable and casual, but also a little preppy... I don't know, I thought they were interesting.

I don't own any slipper-like shoes like these ones, and I thought to myself "Why not?" They would look nice with a pair of slim pants and I could wear them to work with a pant suit or with a skirt.

While I was thinking this, I also started to play numbers in my head (which I do often when it comes to shopping), and before I went to look at the bottom of the page of the catalog to see how much they cost, this went through my mind: "Maybe $150, hopefully less, but would I consider spending $200 for them? Well, they are Brooks Brothers which means they are not going to be a bargain... yes, I can go up to $200 and maybe I could find a coupon..."

And then I looked at the price. $500. What!?!? FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS??? WHAT ARE THEY CRAZY!?!?

And then I calmed down.

But seriously, there is no way I'm spending $500 on slippers. If anything, I'll add some extra money and buy some Louboutins!


Maria Paray said...

Someone must be buying them. Who says the economy i in the toilet? ;-)

GeorgiaBite said...

$500 is a lot to spend on a pair of slippers! I couldn't do it. But I would definitely add on the money and by some Louboutins!