August 2, 2012

Fresh Scents Tradewinds Sachets

When we last drove down to Florida on vacation, we stopped a few times at a Cracker Barrell (mostly because there isn't one by us, so to me it's a novelty).

On one of the stops, I picked up some perfume sachets, because I prefer them to candles and stronger room deodorizers.

Being that we were in a beach mood, it made sense that I picked up the Tradewinds scent. But as I was picking it up from the shelf, the sales lady looked at me with a smirk and proceeded to ask me:

"Do you know what that smells like???" she was still smirking.

I wasn't sure if she was asking a rhetorical question since it said on the sachet that it smelled like Tradewinds so I was guessing it was some sort of ocean/beach/water smell... in any case, I indulged her and asked back:

"Not sure... ocean??"

She replied quickly: "A hot man!"

"A hot man? Ok. Thanks." Her answer caught me off guard, but I smiled anyway and went to the register to pay for my controversial sachets.

I like to use the sachets mostly in the bathroom, so once we returned home from the vacation I opened the package and put one sachet on top of the bathroom cabinet. And forgot all about it... until the next day, that is.

When I entered the bathroom in the morning, I was embraced by a powerful smell, an intriguing smell, a different smell. At first, I didn't even realized what I was smelling, nor where it was coming from, but as I continued to study the scent I realized that I smelled man cologne in the room, and a pretty good one! Holy crap! That lady was right! It did smell like a hot man in my bathroom!!!

I have no idea why these Tradewinds sachets smell more like a hot man instead of the ocean, but I'm quite sure I won't return them for a refund!  ;)

If you want to give them a try: Fresh Scents Scented Sachets - Tradewinds

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