August 14, 2012

Michael Phelps for Louis Vuitton

And here you can see Michael Phelps taking a bath with goggles and a speedo on. 


Yes, I understand that this is "allegedly" the new Louis Vuitton ad shot by Annie Leibovitz, but my question is "why is he in a bathtub with all these extra things on???"  ;)

I have a soft spot for Michael (I've actually met him and shook his hand at his book signing), and I was very happy when, after a bad start, he went on to shine as his usual at these past 2012 Olympics. 

On a second ad, you see Michael Phelps sitting pretty and chatting with an older lady. He is smiling while she seems pensive. He has center stage, while she is pushed to the side. Also, it seem there is a game of chess going on with what it seems, I can't tell for sure, a check-mate. I had no idea who the lady was, but I was intrigued. 

And it all made sense when I found out that she is Larissa Latynina, the former Soviet gymnast who, until July 31 was the most decorated Olympian with 18 medals - until Michael won 22 of them!  :)

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Daisy said...

I like the second photo better. There is a sense of poignancy, with Michael being the handsome young cad in contrast with an aging athlete who was once at the top of her sport.