September 4, 2012

Essie Ole' Caliente Nail Polish

Yesterday was a busy day. Everybody running around getting ready to go back to work after the long weekend. Not to mention schools opening up again and having to listen to my brother and sister (both of them teachers) complaining about the end of their two months vacations... really!

This also meant a longer than usual wait at the nail salon, and I tried to keep busy by trying as many nail polishes as could fit on my fingers.

I wanted to try some of the new colors for fall, and these on my fingers are some of them:

Pinky: No Place Like Chrome

Ring Finger: Blue Rhapsody

Middle Finger: Don't Sweater It

Pointer: Recessionista

Thumb: Miss Fancy Pants

Out of all five, I liked best the metallic blue on my ring finger, while the really wintery ones got me a little sad because I am not ready for the summer to be over yet.

Also, I am over wine and burgundy nail polishes and not too much into the grays. So what did I pick? Something on the opposite side of the spectrum! It's called Ole' Caliente!

So happy and bright, I love this shade of orange/red. Nope, I'm definitely not ready for winter...

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