September 24, 2012

Halloween Costume Ideas for Little Girls

It's that time of the year again! Halloween is almost here!!! And I still have no idea what to dress up my daughter as.  :(

Sometimes I ask her, remember... she is 3, to see if she can help out with the decision, but then I'm not too crazy about her answers. At first she kept saying she wanted to be a pumpkin. Really? A pumpkin? Can't we be a little more original? Then she started saying she wanted to be an egg. An egg???

So we're still at square one. I'm browsing all the costume websites and while there are a million cute costumes, nothing has jumped at me yet.

Princess Costume

Any of the Disney Princesses costumes are cute, but I also feel they are so overdone! I much prefer to buy one of these costumes, or even more than one, and just use it for every day dress up, instead of Halloween. But then again, one day my daughter might demand to be dressed up as a princess, and we will have to comply.

Tinkerbelle Costume

The fairies have become major Halloween players, and a Tinkerbelle costume is so adorable on a toddler! The only problem I have with this costume is that it might be too cold outside to wear it comfortably.

Tink and the Fairy Rescue- Vidia Classic Child Costume

And, of course, I love Vidia! I think it would be great to have 6 little girls all dressed up as the fairies.

Little Red Riding Hood

Classic tales are always full of inspiration for Halloween costumes.

Little Bo Peep

Case in point, how cute is this Little Bo Peep costume?

Queen of Hearts

With all new attention given to evil witches, you will see a lot more Queen of Hearts and Maleficent (Angelina Jolie!) costumes out there.

Disney Brave Merida

And the new tales have plenty of costumes to give us as well!

Batman Dark Knight Rises Deluxe Catwoman Costume

If you have a boy and a girl, it's great to match them up (if they let you). A Batman and Cat Woman duo would be so adorable.

The Smurfs Movie - Smurfette

I actually was Smurfette many Halloweens ago. And if you have more than one kid, you can dress them all up as Smurfs. As many as you like. And have the little of them all dress up as Papa Smurf with white beard and all!  :)

Madagascar 3 Gia The Leopard Costume

Or, have them dress up as the characters of Madagascar the movie!

Dora The Explorer

Dora's costume is pretty simple. Don't forget the wig! And all the better if you can add Boots and Swiper to the group!

Teletubbies Po

This is something we are seriously considering in our family. My daughter loves the Teletubbies and we could dress up as all 4 Teletubbies in different sizes (as it should be): Mom, Dad, Baby and Aunt. We'll see...


Another character that my daughter loves is Olivia! This costume is easy enough to do it yourself.

Pink Poodle

You can still dress them up as adorable puppies! Do it until they won't let you anymore!

Southern Belle

It's always fun to dress up a little girl in a big fancy dress, with a big fancy hat!

Pink Geisha

I also love to explore other country and their fashions.

Uggsy Monster

I have to be honest: I have no idea who this Uggsy Monster is. It must be some cartoon we have not explored yet. All I know is that this costume is so adorable! And I see there are other monster as well, you know for a group monster event! :)

Frankie's Princess
I'm not big on horror and witches costumes, but with all the little monsters movies and the general Halloween spirit, I will have to list one scary costume... here it is: I think it's Frankenstein's bride or his princess or something (I told you I'm not big on horror!)

Whatever your pick, have lots of fun with your little one(s)!  :)


Daisy said...

I like nearly all of them. The two I questioned were the Catwoman and the Geisha. A geisha is a cultured, refined prosti---- whose purpose is to entertain men. This may be a simplistic view of it. A catwoman, well, she fights crime while wearing a very sexy costume that fits like a second layer of skin. How 'bout a Japanese princess and a regular cat?

NY Spender said...

I see your point, Daisy. I am all against anything sexy for little kids' costumes. The geisha, well, that's the name of the costume from Amazon, what I see really is a pretty pink kimono, and I love kimonos! I also, somewhat, am fascinated by geishas in the general sense of women with "many skills". Of course I wouldn't want my daughter become a geisha, but I would personally take a course if they offered one! ;) And I mean, learning how to play music and dance and the art of conversation (yes, I have a romantic lense over my eyes).
So it's not necessarily a geisha, that can be a Japanese princess.

As for cat woman, it's a cool costume, but you might be right, too sexy for kids. But then again, so is Wonder Woman, and I LOVE that costume, and my mom dressed me up as her back when I was maybe 10 years old. Of course, I wasn't naked at all, it was more a costume painted on a tshirt and a skirt.

In any case, you can be sure my daughter will be covered head to toe this Halloween... (and until she is 40 years old if you listen to her father! lol)

Anonymous said...

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