September 9, 2012

MacKenzie-Childs Parchment Check Enamelware

You all know that I love MacKenzie-Childs, except that I can't really afford most of their stuff (what else is new?), but that doesn't stop me from buying here and there an accent piece for my house.

The last piece I bought was from my favorite pattern, the courtly check, and since the price of ceramics are on the high end (and what if I break it?) I went with the more affordable enamelware which I love just as much:

While I love the black and white checkered pattern, I also understand that it can get easily overwhelming and so it needs to be used sparingly. Imagine my joy when MacKenzie-Childs came out with the new parchment check pattern, which is basically the courtly check done with just beige tones. At first they only had the parchment check in ceramic only, but now it comes in enamelware and I am having a hard time keeping my wallet in my bag! The only thing stopping me is the incredible variety... what should I get first?

The canisters set?

The Cookie Jars?

Or the teatime accessories?

Aren't they gorgeous?


Brooke yancy said...

I had this battle for hours this evening. I finally decided on the large platter and the serving bowl in parchment. I am so excited, these are my first pieces.

NY Spender said...

I still gotta buy something! I'm jealous! :)