September 28, 2012

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum for Melasma?

As promised, here is a review of Ole Henriksen's Truth Serum and Collagen Booster.

This is the first serum I've ever used, and I have to say, right off the bat, that I'm not too crazy about the liquid consistency of a serum (versus the creaminess of a cream).

While you can apply a cream with bare hands (my preference), it's better to use a cotton ball when applying a serum. Otherwise, if you pour it directly on your fingers, a good part of it will end up in the sink.

I really wanted to love this product, because it seems everyone else does. But unless my skin is beyond repair, I didn't really notice much of anything happening after using it for a few weeks. It was like applying water.

Actually, let me correct myself, one thing did happen, and I am pretty sure it was because of this truth serum: my melasma "almost" disappearred.

So while the rest of my face didn't change at all, didn't improve, didn't get worse... the one spot on my forehead where I had this ugly melasma stain left there after my pregnancy, totally changed, and the melasma almost dissolved away in a few days!

I say almost because, for some reason, there is still a little tiny bit of it that just won't go away, and no matter how much more truth serum I put on it, nothing! It's as if the serum did what it could right away, in the first few days, and then it just stopped working. But I am not complaining, because whatever little dark spot is left there, it's easily concealed with a little bit of makeup.

But as for the rest of the face, I look just like I did before I tried this serum. My collagen doesn't seem to have been boosted. My wrinkles are still there. I am not glowing, nor is my skin any tighter. Like I've said: nothing.

Maybe the truth is that my skin was just too much for this serum, and if this product could talk, it would spit out his truth to me:

"I can help you with that melasma spot right there on your forehead, but for the rest, girl, you're on your own!"

All joking aside, I don't know about collagen booster and wrinkle eraser, but if you have a problem with melasma, I would suggest you give this serum a try, it might work for you as it did for me.

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Daisy said...

Probably only a facelift makes a dramatic difference. I think as people grow older they acquire a more interesting look. I've always lines around the eyes or anywhere else to be sexy, or that they add character to a face that wasn't there before. I've seen a politician's wife who should sue her cosmetic surgeon. I'm sure there are plenty of results that are good.

Joan Rivers looks-----fill in the blank.