October 31, 2012

After the Storm

The storm has passed, but as it usually happens, the after storm is scarier than the storm itself. Nobody believed it was going to be bad, but this time we all got it wrong. Sandy has left so much devastation behind, I can only hope we have already heard the worst.

We were very fortunate. Among a sea of darkness, we never lost electricity. Our home was almost hit by a tree, but miraculously the electric poles and wires stopped it a few inches short. Not everybody was as lucky and tonight our prayers are with them.

I hope that all of my readers in the area are safe. Maria let us know you are ok, I know most of LI has lost power.

It's hard to describe what has happened to the east coast and watching it on the news only gives you a glimpse of the tragedy. It's when you see it with your own eyes that it really leaves a mark. This is the first of many trees I have seen down today, and I know there is a lot more and a lot worse, and it's just heartbreaking.

So many landmarks, so many familiar places are gone, or horribly disfigured. So sad.

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Daisy said...

So sorry about the damage and lives lost in areas like Staten Island and others. Nearby New Jersey as well.