October 17, 2012

Beautiful Shirts from Nara Camicie

How many plain white shirts do you own? One, two... too many? So do I.

It seems just too easy to go out and buy a new white shirt for work. You can find white shirts everywhere, and the best part is you own six of them and not one fits just right (that's why you keep buying more white shirts!)

What if we forget about the white shirt and start looking around for something more interesting? Great! Then let me tell you about Nara Camicie.

Nara Camicie started out in Milan in 1984 and then continued branching out with franchises in Italy, Europe and the rest of the World. Their main concern has always been one: the shirt.

But not your plain boring white shirt, because Nara Camicie brings the current fashion trends to their shirts season after season, coming up with styles and designs I have rarely seen anywhere else.

This year, for example, prints are big, and especially this "Versace" style retro print.

Or this equestrian print. I used to own a similar shirt many years ago, and I would love to get my hands on one of them again. 

And they have so much more than that!

Black and White

Frilly and Romantic.

Average prices are $150. While they have stores in New York, Miami and San Francisco, if you happen to stop by their Walnut Creek store (like them on Facebook), the store manager, Stephanie Johnston, will be more than happy to help you pick the coolest shirt you've ever owned.


Daisy said...

I like the lavender blouse, but I confess I don't have the chutzpah to wear it out in public.

I have a question. Sorry if it is not related to blouses. My grand mother left me a pair of 2 carat diamond earrings, they dangle. Think they are too showy to wear in the day? They are a carat each.


NY Spender said...

Daisy, it depends. If you feel comfortable wearing them during the day, then do so. If you don't, then that's your answer.

I would personally leave them for night unless there was a special occasion during the day, like a wedding.

Those are special earrings, so don't wear them everyday.