October 3, 2012

Carmen Dell'Orefice is Inspiring

This is such a fascinating story, if sad at times.

Carmen Dell'Orefice was born in 1931. Today she is still working as a model. She started modeling at 15 for Vogue and hasn't stopped ever since. She will tell you it's because she needs the money.

After a life long of what you could consider a successful career, Carmen dated Norman F. Levy for several years. Unfortunately, Norman was Bernie Madoff's best friend and he convinced her to invest her life savings with Madoff, with the results we all know today.

So Carmen continues to work.

Probably because she comes from an unstable past with so many ups an downs, an early life spent in foster homes, three marriages, all of them ended not in the best of terms (being cheated on, or dumped as soon as she decided to retire...). She had also lost her life savings once before, back in the 1980s and 1990s in the stock market.

And yet, Carmen continues to stand tall and strong. And continues to model.

There is definitely something about her, and if nothing else, I find it so inspiring to see an 81 years old woman  with gorgeous white hair, still looking so beautiful. It makes aging look a little less intimidating.

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