November 19, 2012

Would You Wear a Fanny Pack?

Ok, I'm going to ask you a question, but before you answer, please count until 10...

Do you like fanny packs?

Now before you say no... think about it a little more... still no?

All I want to know is why so much stigma against these fanny packs? I remember them being "hot" in the early 90s, but back then I didn't really carry much around with me and I had just started using handbags, so I never got around to buying a fanny pack.

Later on when I could have used one, they were out of style. Now, even worse, they are still out of style and people seem to have grown hateful towards them. Once again, why?

I have never found them so vile as the majority, and I've actually thought it was a pretty good design for people needing free hands. And now, since becoming a mom, more than ever I feel anything that can help me free a hand or two is a great idea.

I understand that a lot of them were ugly, and also worn the wrong way possible (like under a sagging belly, ouch!), but I think they can be worn with style (I think).

I've seen a Gucci fanny pack here and there, but never bothered buying one because I'm not spending hundreds of dollars on a fanny pack, ever.

But then, today I saw this one:

This is a Coach fanny pack, out of their Factory Outlet store, and it only costs $67. I know I can rock it. I can do it. It looks nice, no? 

What do you think (feel free to let the hate out, if you really need to, but also try to rationalize it and explain to me why you hate it so much)?


Daisy said...

I had no clue the fanny packs had become some sort of a fashion abomination. Although I have never used one myself I thought they were practical. No matter how fashionable handbags can be I prefer not having to carry anthing. The Coach bag is adorable.


NY Spender said...

Nice to hear it. I might really go for it. Thanks for your opinion as usual Daisy. :)

MJ Moore said...

See I have irrevocable associations of fanny packs with huge, tank - top wearing tourists who have sunglasses hanging from straps! I also only think of them in bright nylon that clashes with everything. But that Coach bag doesn't say 'fanny pack' to me- it does not look like tourist equipment at all. I think I want one, too...

NY Spender said...

Thanks for your comments MJ, they help me understand more about this stigma. Yes, I remember the bright colors, too!
In any case, I went and bought one! Will post pictures.