January 10, 2013

Red Hair and Red Lipstick

And I'm back!

So sorry for the long interruption, but there is so much going on in my life right now, that I have to constantly make a choice either to eat or shower... that's how bad it is, and that's why I'm finally losing weight! ;)

We have moved to a new house, but the house is still being renovated, so every day there is some painting to do (me), some cabinets to hang (my husband), some furniture to be moved (me), garbage to be thrown out (my husband), boxes to be opened (me)... you get the picture.

So... I have to go to work, come back, cook in a kitchen without counter tops (balance knives and wooden spoons on the edge of the sink kind of scenario) play with my daughter, vacuum new carpets (nightmare) which keep choking my vacuum with so much extra dust, bring box upstairs, bring garbage downstairs, play tetris with the furniture from one room to the next, until everything will hopefully be in its place (maybe in March?!?)... so you see how something like blogging could fall through the cracks...

But I'm back. I have so much I want to write about, and I love writing, so when I don't do it for a while it starts hurting inside. So here is what I've been meaning to write about: the color RED.

Yes, I sound like an episode from Sesame Street, but bear with me.

Maybe it's because I've been sampling so many different paint chips from Benjamin Moore that I am ready to go work in one of their stores, or maybe it's just because I like beauty and makeup and fashion, but the color red (which by the way I'm planning on painting the front door in - very feng shui) has been on my mind a lot. So much so that I have a few new year's resolutions tied to it:

1) I WANT to use RED lipstick more. Or at all. I never wear red lipstick and I think I want to change that. Red lipstick can feel scary, or too hard to wear, so my resolution is to try and find a shade that works for every day. Granted, it will be a "glamorous" kind of every day, but you get my point: find a shade I'm comfortable with. The first place I'll look is at the Bite Beauty counter, where I've found my other plum shade I love. I will let you know how this quest goes.


2) I'm thinking of dyeing my brown hair RED. And not the red highlights you only see under the sun. I want a nice, vibrant shade of red. Of course, not a teenager flame red either. A pretty, confident, sexy shade of red... like Sydney from the old Melrose Place

(Wow! I can't believe I just used such an old reference. Like I can't find a nice redhead in the last 5 or 10 years or so??? What's wrong with me?)

I've had red hair in the past, and I remember having to change a lot of makeup because what you look good in with dark hair doesn't work as well with red hair. So I'm guessing I'll do the hair first, and then try to find the lipstick accordingly.

I love new challenges! So what have you been up to this new year? Any new challenges for you???


Daisy said...

I lightened my hair, it's a home job. I nearly wrote "hand task." A Freudian slip. It does not look bad, like I kinda expected it to be. I applied it as if it was a foam color. I prefer the foam because it's much easier. I think I'll go back to dark coloring in a few weeks. My God you have alot on your plate. I will too. I plan to get a Great Dane, I haven't decided male or female. I have to clean house first. Males weigh between 130 to 200lbs. Female weighs approximately 120 to 130. It's a good thing they are not too active.


Daisy said...

By the way, I think red hair matched with a classic shade of dark red lipstick will be retro and gorgeus.


NY Spender said...

Hi Daisy,
wow, a Great Dane! I love that dog! So big and beautiful. I wonder what makes a person get a Great Dane... why Daisy? Why are you picking such a big dog? (Funny, when I think about getting a dog, my first choice is a pug, then a chiuaua, lol), but I love big dogs too, it's just that with a small toddler in the house I don't want to have to worry about the dog hurting ( accidentally or not) the baby.

And what color is your hair now? Light brown, or reddish?

Daisy said...


You are absolutely correct, Great Danes do not know their own size or strength and can unwittingly knock over a child. They are magnificant dogs.

I have always had medium sized dogs, cocker spaniels, and a little maltese/yorkie. But I always longed for a giant breed of dog, and the GDs are known as the Gentle Giant who can live contently in a small to modest space, as long as they are exercised moderately and socialized with other dogs/people. Lily Belle-yorkie mix, should provide the socialization he/she needs, along with others.

They are indeed stunning creatures. Also they are big enough for me to hug when I am feeling sorrow, or happiness.