February 28, 2013

A Louis Vuitton Handbag Birthday Present

In September it will be my birthday. But not just any birthday. It's the kind of birthday milestone people write books about. The kind people buy big sport cars over it. The kind that makes you wish you were HALF that age again!

So, since I'm not a big fan of aging, and the whole "I love my wrinkles, because each one of them tells a story" kind of person, I need a BIG pick me up for my birthday. Something that will make me, somehow, look forward to the day, or at least something that will soften the blow to both my collagen and metabolism.

And what better pick me up than a new handbag? But for this special occasion, not just any handbag will do, it needs to be a special handbag! You know, the kind that costs a lot of money! ;)

What I've been doing is saving $100 every month (since my last birthday), so by the time my scary birthday rolls around I will have $1,200 saved to spend on my present, which makes buying an expensive handbag easier (less guilt).

The question now is which bag am I going to buy? I'm still debating between a few of them, even if I think that in the end it will be a Louis Vuitton bag.

I like the Neverfull, and it's the "cheaper" option, I would just need to pick one out of the different styles (monogram or damier).

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM - $940

Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM - $900

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM - $940

Or, I could go for something different and more compact, like the Saumur, but I'm already out of my budget (that was fast!).

Louis Vuitton Saumur MM - $1,340

I do like the Figheri's look, a lot, but I would need to try it on at the store to see if I like how it feels on my shoulder.

Louis Vuitton Figheri PM - $1,440

And I wouldn't be surprised if I walked back home from the store with the Palermo. Could it be the name that makes me like it so much? Palermo is a Sicilian city, and I'm Sicilian, remember?

Louis Vuitton Palermo PM - $1,410

Which Louis Vuitton bag would you buy for yourself for a special occasion (under $1,500 budget)?


Daisy said...

I think I would choose the Palermo.


Soos said...

I agree w/ Daisy. Looks more diff & special! But holy heck! I could take a wonderful vacation for that $$$!