February 2, 2013

Hot Water Bottles from Warm Tradition

It's freezing in New York! Not my favorite kind of weather, and I keep bringing the thermostat up just to stay comfortable.

If you, like me, are in this predicament, listen carefully, as I have an extra weapon for us to fight this cold:

Hot Water Bottles! Yes, you heard me right. Wouldn't you love a nice hot water bottle to keep you warmer these days?

I grew up with one in the house, I remember it well, it was orange and rubbery, but it always felt nice on my lap on a cold winter night.

Today we don't need to settle for orange, nor for rubbery, because there are so many options available from a great company: Warm Tradition.

Pink Hearts: This fleece covered hot water bottle makes a great Valentine's Day present, and not just for your better half, this will work for any of your (female) family members that hate the cold. 

Night Sky: This one makes me instantly sleepy. It's soo adorable. 

Red Plaid: Another great design, this will work for a guy, too. Even more if he is from Scotland. ;)

Paw Prints: If you love animals, this cover is for you (Daisy, this one has Luca's name all over it!).

Cheetah Print: This one you can probably take with you on a night out and nobody will notice it's a hot water bottle! 

Mickey Mouse: If you like Mickey, they got you covered (in fleece, of course!) 

Transparent I Love You: If you don't want a fleece cover, Warm Tradition also has a lot of transparent hot water bottles. This is another great one for Valentine's Day.

Shag Sweater: How about a fashionable hot water bottle that goes great with jeans? ;)

As you can see, I can go on and on. There are so many different hot water bottles to choose from. And I also love a few more things about this company and their product:

1) The bottles are BPA-FREE and manufactured under strict conditions in Germany.

2) The bottles are made of thermoplastic, which makes the heat last longer.

3) The covers are made in the USA!

4) Odorless and safe. (I hate rubber smelling things!)

5) They are a local company, founded right here in Brooklyn, NY.  :)

Before I end this post, I have to show you a few more styles, perfect for kids:

Lamb: How precious is this one? I think I want it. Adorable!

Cuddly Lion: And this guy? Who would think that he hides a hot water bottle?

Cat: If you are a cat person, imagine yourself relaxing on the sofa with this cute guy curled up on top of you (warning: your real cat might be jealous).

Check out more styles at Warm Tradition

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