February 16, 2013

Prom Dresses from Shail K.

I don't have prom-age kids yet (Thank heavens! That would make me so much older!), but everywhere I turn, I keep hearing about prom and I've been asked a few times for good places to buy a nice prom dress.

A good place to start online is at Shail K.

Their formal dresses are modern and elegant, and not just for prom. But let's look at some of them:

This dress is very girly and young. It's happy.

This one is simple, but very pretty. I love the color.

But the more I look at their website, the more I want to buy a dress for myself. Like this one:

I wonder if I'll ever have the figure to wear something like this again.

Seriously, if I lose the extra pounds and continue exercising, I'm totally buying this dress for Christmas 2013!

Prom or no prom, dressing up is so much fun (we should do it more often)!

1 comment:

Daisy said...

If I ever need a formal dress, I would shop there. I'm not a high school gal.