March 6, 2013

Banana Republic Mad Men Collection 2013


What can I say? This year the collection didn't do it for me.

Is it because it's a little too over the edge, too sixties, too green...? Who knows? All I know is that last year I ran to the store to buy a few pieces from the 2012 Mad Men collection, while this year I won't.

I mean look at this dress:

How long before you would get tired of looking at it? Or dizzy?

And what's so special about this? A white t-shirt and checkered pants. Hmm. Somebody did not try hard enough.

My only possible explanation is this: Janie Bryant (Mad Men designer extraordinaire) is tired of working with Banana Republic, but because she is a nice lady, she doesn't know how to tell them (or maybe there is a contract binding her). On the other hand, Banana Republic and Gap have seen their sales go up thanks to these capsule collections, so they keep asking her for more.

If you need proof that supports my explanation here is one: if you go to Janie Bryant's website, she lists both the 2011 and 2012 collections, but not this last 2013 one, because she is probably not fond of it either.

All I know is that this was a wasted opportunity to buy some cool clothes from the designer of one of my favorite shows. Please, Janie, let's have the best Mad Men Collection yet (2014?), even if it will be the last one! 

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