March 30, 2013

My Ann Taylor Easter Outfit

What is this:

Plus this:

Plus this?

My Easter outfit! I had nothing to wear for tomorrow, so today I stopped by Ann Taylor pretty confident that I would find something pretty to wear... and I did! (The shoes were the icing on the cake!)
Btw, the pants look more blue in this picture, but in reality all three items are pretty much the same shade. So happy with my find, I love you Ann Taylor!
Oh and Happy Easter!  :)


Daisy said...

Omigod I could go steal the ensemble from right under your nose! The turquoise is my favorite color and it is perfect, perfect for Easter. The shoes! They are knockout! Not to mention the perfect color. Those reading this probably think I've just lost it, getting this excited over an outfit. Well I can't help it, it's a WINNER and I wonder if Ann Taylor still carries clothing in the same shade of blue.

NY Spender said...

Go ahead Daisy, go! Today they also had the 30% sale. :)
But it's not blue nor turquoise, it's more green. But go to the store and look for yourself! I love the wedges!! Happy Easter.

Soos said...

One of my favorite colors, too!