April 30, 2013

Fashion Disaster: How to Dress like a Clown

The weather is finally warmer in New York, which means I am out of my shell again and I am spending more time outdoors, walking around and enjoying the fresh air. This walking around comes with a price, though. The price of spotting so many fashion disaster in a day that make my head spin!

Take this girl, for example. If you look her from head to toe you will notice that in a rainy day she is wearing a most appropriate black jacket.

And if you start looking down her body you'll find she has spiced up the all black look with some stripes, which looks nice.

But if you keep looking down you'll see where this girl turned what could have been a perfect rainy day outfit into more of a clown outfit!

Not only the very colorful sneakers are too bright for the whole look, and wrong to wear with such a long skirt, but now they turn said striped skirt into something completely different, bringing up so many visions of unicycles and juggling and big red tents!

1 comment:

Daisy said...

I consider it quirky charm.