April 25, 2013

Fashion Success: Splashes of Red

This look might not be anything special, but in its simplicity it works.

She is wearing black leggings and a black hoodie, but she brightens it up with the girly red flowers on her shirt, which also works to cover, and accentuate at the same time, her butt.

Then she pairs the whole outfit with another splash of red, thanks to her good looking bag.

The booties are kept muted so that they don't interfere with the simplicity, and her red hair adds one last vibrant note to this well balanced tune.

Well done.  :)

1 comment:

Daisy said...

At first glance the ensemble seemed unremarkable. But after looking a second time, it is a simple but stylish outfit. The handbag helped a lot. I've been away in Asia for the past month. I had very limited access to the internet. I'll probably go to bed at 3AM and wake up at 23PM. Speaking of fashion, the clothes in Asia are outrageously stylish. And much cheaper. I bought a cute pair of leather flats for about $6.00 American Dollars. I wanted to buy more but I did not have the time. Damn!!!!! Give me another week and I come home with luggage filled with stylish shoes for far less.