April 2, 2013

Go on a Great Adventure with Little Passports

This past Easter, for the first time, we decorated Easter eggs together with my daughter. It was a fun experience, and I look forward to occasions like these to build family traditions that, hopefully, we will continue to have every year for many years to come.

Playing with your child is such an important part, and while I understand how sometimes it seems so much easier to park them in front of the TV, it is every parent's responsibility to dedicate playful time to their children.

But what to do to break the monotony of reading the same book over and over, or playing with a 10 piece puzzle that you can now put together blindfolded and with only one hand? All you have to do is look for new and exciting ideas!

In this ongoing quest I've found a new and interesting game: Little Passports

Little Passports is a subscription based program where you follow two characters, Sam and Sofia, on their adventures around the US, or around the world.

Kaitlin and I chose the world adventure (better tailored for younger kids), and on our first installment we received in the mail a box containing Kaitlin's toy passport, a little suitcase (small and made out of cardboard, in case you are imagining a real travel-sized one), a big World Map, and general instructions on what to expect from this program. Sam and Sofia introduced themselves in a letter to her and told her that they were going to go travel around the world in a magic scooter, and that they would send her packages from the places they visited.

Then comes the second part of the program, where you decide how many months you want a subscription for, and each month you will receive a package from Sam and Sofia from a different country they visit.

This month we got a package from Japan, and in that we found a Japan sticker stamp for Kaitlin's passport and one for her suitcase, a pin sticker to put on the world map, a picture of Sam and Sofia in front of a Japanese building, some Japanese souvenirs (origami paper and instructions) and a Japanese toy (a sushi shaped eraser).

Very cute!

This World edition is for 5 to 10 years old, and Kaitlin is not even 4 yet, and while I did notice a little more excitement on my part than in hers, there were some parts that she enjoyed doing, like us playing with the origami paper.

There is also a US program which is for older children, which I'm sure will teach them, in a fun way, about all the different states in our country.

In a way, it reminds me of the old "pen pal" I used to have, way back when we used to write letters with a pen and paper; Sam and Sofia are today's digital pen pals, and with more exciting stories to tell (my pen pal used to live in rural UK, without a magic scooter, so she didn't have too many exciting stories to tell)

If you are looking for a new adventure to share with your kids, I highly recommend the Little Passports.

Disclosure: I've received one month installment of this program for reviewing purposes. NY Spender is not being compensated monetarily for this review. Opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by compensation, monetary or otherwise.

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