April 9, 2013

Ron Johnson done and out

Back in January I wrote this post: Whatever Happened to JC Penney?, complaining how I just didn't like the department store and all the changes it had been going through lately.

Well, today its CEO, Ron Johnson is done and out. Thank you! Maybe now we can go back to normal.

What I didn't know, because I didn't really have the chance, nor the time, nor the interest to read about it, was that this Johnson guy used to be an Apple guy. Ah! It all makes sense now, doesn't it?

All those clean ads with A LOT OF WHITE in the background, the streamlining, the technology... it was all Apple's stuff brought over to increase sales. BUT. You just can't do that, Mr. Johnson.

First of all, if it worked for Apple it doesn't mean it will work for JC Penney. They are two different companies, selling to different kind of people, maybe even opposite kind of people.

Second of all, what I like in my cellphone is not what I like in my dress, sheets, towels and curtains.

And lastly, if he was so great at Apple, he should have known to use a different approach for JC Penney, not the SAME one he used at Apple. Where is the greatness in that? What was that? A copy and paste solution??

Oh well, let's hope there is still a chance for Penny's to come around...

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