April 20, 2013

Katie Holmes is Everywhere!

In the rare moment that finds me sitting on my couch, reading my Elle magazine without my daughter asking me to get up and play, right after the first few pages I see this pretty woman staring back at me:

I recognize it is Katie Holmes, and I actually stop for a few seconds to admire her makeup and how pretty she looks in this picture.

Then I turn the page and continue reading on. Until this picture comes up:

Oh, I see, it's Katie again, even if she looks a little different here, with lots of hair. Which is expected because she is advertising the benefits of hair products. Which is expected because she co-owns this Alterna Haircare company. I move on to the next page...

I had almost forgot about Katie, until I finish the magazine and I look at the last page. And guess who's on it?

Yep, her. Again. And it's funny how this is a makeup ad and I'm not really thrilled with her makeup. I much prefer the makeup on the first picture above. In any case, just when I thought I had enough of Katie for a day, I get up and pick up my other magazine to read... but I had to laugh out loud when this is what I saw:

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Getri said...

She's everywhere! Looking natural and beautiful