May 28, 2013

Before Midnight with Ethan Hawke

Almost 20 years ago, Ethan Hawke made a beautiful movie, a love story: Before Sunrise.

In that movie, a boy and a girl meet and spend a day together while falling in love. With Vienna in the background, and Ethan's adorable grungy look (yum!) stealing every scene, this movie will always be part of my top ten romantic movies list!

Fast forward 10 years and Before Sunset comes out. Cleverly picking up where the first movie left off, once again the two main characters spend some time together in the beautiful backdrop that is Paris. I'm deliberately not going into any details because I don't want to spoil the movies for anyone who hasn't seen them. All I have to say is that if you like romantic movies, well, these are them!

One thing I will say about this second movie is how painful it was to watch Ethan Hawke. He looked so different from the first movie. All the baby fat gone, and understandably 10 years older, but still...

Especially if you watch the two movies back to back, you can't shake how sickly he looks in the second movie. I have no idea if Ethan just aged this way, or if there was some other reason why he looked older than he was. But anyway, looks aside, he is still just as charming in the second movie as he was in the first one.

Fast forward almost another decade, and imagine my happiness when I heard they made another movie for this series, Before Midnight! So first thing I needed to find out was the backdrop, and I was a little disappointed to discover it wasn't Italy, but Greece (close enough, I guess, maybe next movie?).

Next thing I needed to see was Ethan's face, and fortunately, based on the few posters out there, he's not all that worse than 10 years ago, and maybe even better:

I just love how they keep coming back with this story decade after decade, and I'm not sure what it is that makes it interesting. Maybe it's the fact that we get to REALLY grow old together with the characters. In the first movie we were all in our twenties, and we did the things twenty years old would do. In the second movie we were not in the twenties anymore. And we looked at things and life behind thirties' glasses.

So I guess now we're at the forties' door and this movie should have some of that, too. We'll see... so looking forward to it (and now expecting a new movie every ten years or so until we're all 100! You hear me, Ethan!?!?)  ;)

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Daisy said...

I find the idea of characters over such a long time fascinating. It helps they are played by the same actors. I haven't seen any of them but would like to.

I am a big movie enthusiast and I am so saddened that Roger Ebert passed away. I respect his knowledge about film and so enjoyed his reviews. He will be dearly missed.