May 4, 2013

Birthday Present Ideas from Anjolee

One of the perks of blogging is the opportunity to work with companies to review their products. A second great perk is the fact that my husband reads this blog and on occasion surprises me with a product I've raved about in here.

This means that when I say I love this product or that product, you better believe it, because if I lie about it, I might risk getting something I hate as a birthday present!

Today, though, I'm pretty safe, because I'm writing about Anjolee, a company I like and that I've actually blogged about in the past. And being four months away from my birthday, it's not a bad idea to blog about a jewelry company, don't you think?  ;)

But let's forget about me and let's just pretend for a moment that YOUR wife's birthday is coming up and you want to get her a nice piece of jewelry... what will she like? Well, let me put a few guesses out there for you:

A gemstone bracelet. Anjolee's jewelry is highly customizable, so you would be able to choose the color of the gold and match it up with her favorite stones. In this case I would go for 18k gold with sapphires because that's my birthstone.

And if you are not sure which stone she would prefer, you can always "not" choose and go for a multi-colored gemstone bracelet! I believe this one is lovely, too!

And let's not forget the Tennis Bracelet. While I'm not sure why it's called a tennis bracelet... well, strike that. I googled it. Here's the story in case you didn't know: In 1987, Chris Evert, one of the biggest female tennis stars of all times, asked officials to stop the match she was playing because her diamond bracelet had fallen on the court. She asked for time to search and retrieve her bracelet. Since then, that specific design of diamond bracelet has been referred to as tennis bracelet. What a neat story!

Getting back to the tennis bracelet, I don't own one and if your wife doesn't either, I'm sure she would love one, just as much as I would! Possibly in all white gold. With lots of diamonds. Lots. :)

A pair of diamond hoops. As I said before, most of Anjolee's jewelry is customizable, so with these earring you can pick white or yellow gold, but also the carat weight and the type of the diamonds that will build such a beautiful pair of earrings. I do love white gold with diamonds, and in this case I would pick one carat total weight for them.

Diamond Studs. While most women already own a pair of diamond studs, not as many own a pair of heart diamond studs. And what better way to show her that you love her than giving her your heart (times two) in diamonds!

And lastly, if you have no budget for your present, let me suggest a Riviera necklace.

I can only imagine the surprise and joy of opening a box containing one of these beauties! Diamonds everywhere! And casting such a brilliant glow on the face of the woman wearing it. Absolutely beautiful!

Check out Anjolee for customizable styles and great prices on diamonds.

Compensation was provided by Anjolee. Opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by compensation, monetary or otherwise.

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