May 6, 2013

TV Shows and Fashion

I've just finished watching Downton Abbey on Netflix. I won't go into any spoilers if you haven't seen it yet, or if, just like me, you are watching it behind its natural TV programming.

One thing I will comment on is the fashion of this show. When the show starts it's 1912 and I have to say that the clothes the leading ladies wear are not my favorite. But as the show goes on, and we reach the 1920s, I've found myself paying more and more attention to their style. And it's funny because I've really never been a fan of flappers style, but in this show we get to see what the high class ladies wore in the 20s, which is a toned-down flapper style, with no fringes and not much skin showing, and surprisingly so, this version I like! Not that I would wear something like this today, but I think I will definitely try to replicate one of these looks this coming Halloween.

I also find this fascination funny because right up to before I started watching Downton, my other obsession with "past fashion style love due to TV show" was the 1960s, thanks to Mad Men. Another big surprise for me because I've always made fun of my mother's clothes when looking at her pictures (not nice, I know). But it's because I grew up with jeans and t-shirts, and it was hard for me to understand how those young girls could be comfortable in high necklines and wide skirts.

But then I started watching Mad Men and the necklines were much lower than my mother's! And they had plenty of tight dresses (just look at Joan there)!

Long story short, I started to like the 60's fashion. So much so that every time Banana Republic comes out with the Mad Men collection I run to the store to check it out!

One thing I've realized a long time ago is that fashion taste is (also) a matter of repetitive exposure. The more you see something the more you are bound to like it, or at least to get used to it. If everyone around you starts wearing jeans and a blue shirt, eventually you will want to buy something along those lines. If you see so many women carrying the same bag, eventually you will get that bag.

I can't even say that this rule doesn't apply to ugly or hideous things because otherwise how would you explain Crocs or Huggs?

You see it once, you see it twice, you see it many times, and you unconsciously become familiar with it and come to accept it as the norm, no matter what it is (I'm still talking fashion).

Which makes me wonder how far can my taste stretch? I've accepted the 60s, and now the 20s, and I'm sure if I continue backwards I will find something interesting in every fashion era (let's not forget that I am the biggest Marie Antoinette's fashion fan)! I guess fashion is fashion, and it will always have that special something that will catch your attention, no matter how, no matter when.

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