June 22, 2013

A Few Good Men for Jennie Garth

If you don't live under a rock, you've probably heard of the news of Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli's divorce. It's always sad to me when a somewhat long standing relationship ends, especially when there are a few kids involved as well. They were such a good looking couple and looked happy together.

I honestly didn't even know Peter, I just discovered him because of the Twilight Saga, and then I found out he was 90210's Kelly's husband. Good for her, I thought. Good looking man, and Italian, too!  ;)

She looked happy with him, and genuinely in love. They had three daughters together and then Peter filed for divorce! At first I thought that his success with the Twilight movies must have gone to his head... but then I realized there had to be another woman, since no man usually leaves a full family behind just because.

Sure enough, there was another woman... this one:

Her name is Jaimie Alexander, and she has been in a few movies with Peter, so it only makes sense that he had to fall in love with her and leave his wife and kids.

But what bothers me in this story is the fact that Peter looks really happy with this new girl, while Jennie is not in a good place, at all! Look who she has been dating ever since Peter walked out on her:

This guy:

Then this guy:

Do you start to see a pattern? Actually, there is no pattern. She is just dating anybody that will try to comfort her, because I think she is still heart broken.

It's ok, Kelly, I mean Jennie. We've all been there. And you can run to the arms of big bear men, or spend some time with romantic ones. But judging from Peter, your type is a little different. These guys don't look right for you, and you don't look happy with them. Wake up, girl!

Stop dating just because, spend some time healing and looking inside of you, understand that Peter is gone and you don't want him back anyway. Then look around again, slowly. Open up, slowly. Find the guy that makes you feel what Peter made you feel, or even more than that. Not less.

Even though I was all for team Brenda back then (not anymore, of course, woman is nuts!), today I would even love to see you with this guy, if it made you happy:

And if we can't have Luke, let's check the files of single and available men in Hollywood, shall we?

Bradley Cooper - The closest we can get to Peter's looks. He's actually better looking. And a better actor (omg, Peter and everyone else on Twilight, you know... kind of stiff, and not just because they were vampires). I think he's single. 

Ryan Gosling - Omg, omg, omg! If you could get Ryan... nobody would ever remember Demi Moore! I know, he's too young... but Demi had all these kids, too... I'm telling you, it's doable. Think about it. 

Gerard Butler - Maybe the best choice. And he kind of looks like a cuddly teddy bear. He's hot and he has an accent! And he can kick Peter's butt if needed.

Feel better, Jennie.


Soos said...


Daisy said...

Gerard Butler is smoldering. So he's got a little heft, he's still a hottie. I still can't look at Ryan Gosling because the character he played in "The Ides of March" was so malicious and back stabbing that he stunned the older and more experienced political men around him. Black mailed George Clooney silly. I haven't seen such a sick, repugnant character since Robert DeNiro in "Raging Bull."(a masterpiece) Ryan can take this as a complement to his acting - I still can't look at him. Despite the pretty face he revolted in the film. Just a minute, he and Michelle Williams were glorious in the sad "Blue Valentine." Maybe Ms. Garth is safe with Ryan. However, if there's Any political talk on his part, RUN.


NY Spender said...

Daisy, Daisy... seriously? Ryan is soooo hot!!! Let's see, you need to watch some other movies with him, starting with the Notebook and Crazy Stupid Love. Then for something different you should watch him in Drive, Half Nelson and Fracture. He was intense in The Believer and funny in Lars and the Real Girl. I'm thinking a Ryan Gosling movie marathon is in order. If we lived closer I would sit and watch them with you. :)

Daisy said...

I sincerely wished we lived close together. You can show me New York City and we can chat away. This thought is so appealing I can just boo hooo.