June 9, 2013

Prada Gardening Bag

Of course, as soon as I get into gardening I have to find something like this, the Prada gardening bag.


First of all, you don't NEED a bag to take care of your garden.

Second of all, you don't need one that COSTS more than $2,000!

I can just see it getting all muddy and dirty right on the first day... yikes!

I'm not sure if you can still find it in stores, but don't fret, a nut job has it listed on eBay for about $10,000. Go ahead... go make an offer...


Daisy said...

This is nuts. I am going to venture a guess, it's not the freaking "gardening bag," it's the so called prestige of owning a product by Prada. Am I allowed to called this product not a gardening bag but a dou---bag? I own a few t-shirts that says "Fornicate Cancer" but with a different variation of the first word. The responses to them vary.


Daisy said...

Seems I am not finished: I take care of over thirty rose bushes in the yard with blooming results without even a dang plastic bag. Damn. A two thousand dollar bag for what looks like canvas. What's next? Don't answer, I am still recovering from this display of capitalism/conspicuous consumption/status-seeking at its ridiculous. O the stupidity, the absurdity.

Think this got under my skin? I wonder how many will actually be sold. If I have a change of mind and buy this, each of my roses better be the size of a salad bowl, so inspired by Prada to bloom.


NY Spender said...

Always love your rants, Daisy! lol
But you are right, it's all about the name.

I think this is a big "present" item at one of those "rich bday parties" where the birthday girl has it all, so they'll get her a Prada gardening bag, even if she has a gardener...

It's safe to say, nobody will ever use this bag.