June 11, 2013

Ten Best Updos for Short Hair

My sister's wedding is next month and I am the Matron of Honor (what a mouth full!). I have a month to lose some weight and figure out what to do with my hair. Right now my hair is barely chin length so unless I just wear a straight bob, let's look at some updo options for short hair.

After watching the girls of Downton Abbey get their waves on, I think I would totally try something like this. It's not really an updo, but it's elegant enough for a wedding.

Love, love, love this one! It looks so polished and I like the bulge on top so that your head doesn't look too small (I think I have a small head...)

Oh my! Not for a wedding. Maybe for a fun night out in town with the girls. Yes, this is much better for the bachelorette's party than for the wedding.

 This is much better.

Very classic. Perfect. I love soft updos with bangs.

Without bangs, I like something on the head, like a headband. 

 Or even more than one.

This is too harsh.

Adorable solution for young people

This can work, with fake hair and some stuffing.

I think every woman should try the Marilyn at least once in her lifetime.

Love the contrast between the hair and the lipstick.

This is messy perfectly done (not too messy).

Soft and sexy.

 If you have curly hair, this is your updo. Just be sure to tame the frizz otherwise it won't look polished.

Last but not least, the braided updo, fun, fun!

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