July 7, 2013

How to Fill in Your Eyebrows

By the end of the week I will need to have mastered eyebrows filling-in, because it's my sister's wedding and I need to look nice.

My eyebrows are ok, thin, unassuming. I've plucked away for many years and the results are in: sparse and never to be seen again hair all over the area.

My options are limited, just two in fact: either I do nothing (like most days) or spend a good 5 minutes or more working on them as part of my makeup routine.

Me being one that tries to cut corners whenever possible, finds the 5 minutes on the eyebrows alone a big toll on my overall 7 minutes total makeup application I've come to love. But I think that for a special occasion, and especially when I expect the makeup to last the whole day, I can try and spend even 20 minutes on makeup application.

The problem is that if you never fill-in your eyebrows and then suddenly you have to, you surely don't have the necessary practice nor the knowledge to do the right job.

So every night now, before bed, I will be watching some YouTube eyebrows tutorials, and hopefully by Friday I'll be able to do a nice job and not look like a clown!

Here is one of the hundreds of videos on the subject:

And this one rocks because the girl starts from waxing and tweezing the eyebrows (plus her eyebrows are similar to mine)

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