August 4, 2013

How to Dress like Emily Thorne

As mentioned in a few posts back, the current obsession is the TV show Revenge. I've been watching it for the past month or two and I've really enjoyed it. I'm all caught up with the current season which will start on September 30th, but that long two months span has left enough time on my schedule that I've restarted watching the show from the beginning for a second time. Sick, I know. Can't help it. It's all your fault, Netflix!

But I don't usually fall for any TV show out there. There has to be the right set of ingredients for me to even consider watching more than the initial episodes: it needs to be interesting, it needs to have the right cliffhangers, a love story or two, at least one really good looking guy that doesn't get killed off, ever. And some killer outfits!

Yes, fashion is in part a determining factor if I will continue watching the show, with some exceptions (based on this, I should have been a Sex and the City fan, yet I wasn't, and I loved The Office even if  Pam's and Angela's, and any other girl on that show's business suits were sooo boring).

Back to Revenge, the main character is a rich young girl who attends a different party/date each episode, and so is always changing from one beautiful outfit to the next. I love her style because it's fresh and clean, never overly done,  trademarked by a "less is more" attitude.

Contrary from what the Revenge title would want you to believe, Emily Thorne's (the main character) best color is not red, but white.

I mean the girl looks good in a lot of colors, especially in red, but I much more prefer her in white.
She looks so good in white that by mid season it is the color she wears the most (gone are those awful blue dresses of the first few episodes!)

She'll wear a white dress for a breezy summer party, a white chunky turtle neck when the weather gets cooler, a beautiful Marilyn-inspired white long dress for a masquerade ball...

And so much white all the time has gone to my head! Now I want to wear white all the time, too. Which is really terrible for me because I still need to lose some pounds and the all-white look doesn't help in front of the mirror...

So I'm taking this opportunity as motivation to work out more, and see if I can squeeze myself into one of Emily's body-hugging dresses before Labor Day! Actually I'm thinking of throwing an all-white birthday party for myself in September.  ;)

And I've been looking for a white dress to play the part of the rich Hampton girl in my humble forty by forty feet backyard (I'll let you know how that goes at the end of the Summer).

One of the dresses I've found is this one from Cache', which actually works perfectly and I should just go and buy it and call it a day.

But I'm still not sure if I want to keep it short or go for something long, like this dress.

A white maxi dress is another possibility and definitely something that Emily would wear.  ;)

But if you know me, you know that this is not the end of my quest. No, I need to research it until I'm blue in the face, of course.

So I will continue looking, at least for a few more days, since soon enough any summer white dresses will be replaced with dark wool items on the shelves  :(

Oh, and by the way, did you know that they are coming out with a Revenge apparel line???

ABC studios has joined forces with Matchbook Co.,  which represents the show's costume designer Jill Ohanneson.

Unfortunately it looks like it won't be out before the holidays, but still, I will definitely try to get one or two pieces from it, as a token and a reminder of how much I've enjoyed the show.

Well, it's either the dress or the double infinity tattoo on my wrist. I think the dress is the wiser choice.  ;)

Next on the list are the shoes. Emily always wears the perfect shoes. And to match the white dress I will need some elegant shoes.

At this point I don't know if they will be sandals or pumps, it will all depend on the dress I pick, but I'm loving some of Ann Taylor's shoes already, and while they don't need to be white, they definitely need to stay neutral.

Have I ever mentioned that I love, love, love! T-Strap shoes. I find them incredibly sexy, without even trying!

A t-strap shoe is the underestimated one in the realm of shoe hotness, but once you discover how great it makes your legs look, there is no turning back.

If I go for a lighter summery dress, this is the shoe I will get.

If, instead, I'll need pumps, well, Ann Taylor has me covered there, too.

This such an Emily shoe!

Back to the white masquerade ball, I have a cute little story for you, just to give you a glimpse on what a dork I can be... (thinking you will find this just as amusing as I did)

This is the white dress Emily was wearing.

She looked great as usual, and with an added fun accessory, a mask.

This was a great episode, with everyone wearing masks at the ball, and dancing, and revenge-ing on each other as usual.

The day I was watching this episode, my sister was on her way back from a vacation in New Orleans.

Here is Emily again.

Notice the mask.

I promise you this is going somewhere...

So my sister comes back from New Orleans and comes over to visit and bring us some souvenirs...

... and this is what she gives to me:

Having just watched the masquerade episode the night before, it was hard not to squeal! How close is that!?!?

I mean I knew I was getting a mask because we had talked over the phone and I had asked for a white and gold one (before watching the show!) because I felt it was the best color combination that would work with my house/walls.

But when I saw the mask it was hard holding back from planning a full fledged masquerade ball for my upcoming birthday!

In any case, I think I've blabbered enough about my latest addiction, but before I leave, I need to send a special message to one of the actors of the show: Josh Bowman, Emily's on-again off-again boyfriend, on and off the show (now say that 10 times fast!)

Dear Josh,

I don't usually watch many TV shows, because I really believe that TV is the idiot box and I try to keep it at a minimum if I can. Another reason I try not to watch too much TV is because I inevitably fall in love with the good guy/pretty boy of the show. Ask Ross Geller, Nate Fisher and lastly Matthew Crawley.

And specifically, I wanted to talk to you about this Matthew Crawley guy. See, just like you, he is an handsome British actor. And just like you he was the leading guy, the good guy, the guy every girl started to fall in love with, together with the leading lady of the show. Almost like you and Emily, right?

Now what happened was that the actor playing Matthew (Dan Stevens) felt that he didn't want to be in the show anymore (Downtown Abbey). He felt he wanted to do bigger things, movies even! So they had to kill him off so he could go and have a better career. But in the process he left a new wife a widow, a new child an orphan, and countless women's heart broken! Bad, Matthew Crawley, bad! You don't do that to women, because then they won't come and watch your big movies and they'll flop at the box office!

So, if you've learned anything from your show, Josh, is that women can be very revenge-y... and if you have big plans for a great Hollywood career, I suggest you wait until your show is over before attempting anything stupid, like getting killed or committing suicide when you find out that Emily is really Amanda and that your mother will never be allowed to be the grandmother of your children...

Consider this a friendly advice.  ;)

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