September 24, 2013

Louis Vuitton Pallas

And my birthday passed. I'm a year older. And I still have no new fancy handbag!

I did go around trying the Louis Vuittons and the Guccis, and let me just say that, as it usually goes, I entered the store looking for something "cheapish" and end up liking something "more expensive"!

At Louis Vuitton, I tried on the Neverfull, the Totally and the Palermo. All very nice handbags but... none of them left me breathless. More than anything, I didn't feel these bags were worth their price tags. Why should I spend $1,000 on some canvas bag that can't even zip closed?!?

Until, of course, the sales lady, observing me and basing her conclusions on my handbag reactions (too big, too small, no zipper...), points at a bag behind me.

She says: "That's a new bag, and I think you will like it". She was talking about the Pallas:

What a pretty bag! I tried it on and it was the perfect size for me, with a zipper, two handles, a long handle, and a shape well defined that won't slouch when empty. Yes, I liked it!

With my budget at around $1,000, I say a quick mental prayer and ask her: "How much is it?"

"A little more than these ones" she says "$2,100"

I scream quietly in my head: "$2,100?!?" I'm sad.

"Well" I say to her "it's beautiful, but unfortunately double the budget I had in mind"

I thank her for all her help, and with this new Pallas on my mind, I leave the store on my way to Gucci's.

To be continued...

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Daisy said...

Happy Birthday Spender!!! I am breathlessly waiting for the next installment of the hunt for the fancy handbag.