October 1, 2013

Gucci Sukey Tote

So I get to the Gucci store, and if you remember from my previous post about Vuitton vs Gucci, I had my eyes on the Sukey tote, more than anything because it was one of the few that I could afford (let me rephrase that: in my budget, a budget that took me a year to save up for).

When the sales guy brought it out to me, I wasn't too thrilled: just like the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, this Sukey tote had no zipper! What is it with this no zipper business?? Does tote mean "no zipper"? Well, what if we add a zipper to a tote? Will it cease to be a tote? Can't it be the "exception" tote? The zippered tote? C'mon... help a girl out, here...

Fine, then. I was trying out this tote in front of the mirror, and I wasn't loving it. Not even one bit. The shape was a little funny, it felt too stiff, and the handles were too short. And, did I mention that it had no zipper!?!

Once again, I found myself venting all my frustration to the sales guy, who listened to me and then got this look in his eyes, as if he had found the answer to all of my problems. He asked me to wait for him while he went to get another bag, which he thought would be more to my liking.

And he came back with this one:

Hello good looking!

This one I liked immediately, but as the sales guy tried to hand it over to me to try it on, I stopped him with my hand and I asked him "How much?" because I wasn't going to let my fashion heart be broken again. Not after the Louis Vuitton Pallas. I learned my lesson. No point in getting close to a bag, resting its handles on my shoulder, and nesting its canvas under my arm, if in the end I can't take it home!

The guy gave me a funny look, almost as to say "don't worry, it can't be more than a month's rent" and then told me "$1,100"

Really?? That's not too bad, I think. I feel relieved.

I've been looking at so many expensive and luxurious handbags lately, that my perception is a little warped: since when $1,100 for a bag is considered a good deal?

But considering this Sukey (yep, this is still a Sukey) was way closer to my budget than the elusive LV Pallas, I took it from the guy's hand and immediately started parading it across the store, in front of the mirror, on the left arm, across the right shoulder... and every combination worked. It looked perfect. Perfect size, perfect color, perfect handles, and you're not going to believe this... it even had a ZIPPER! :)

I was almost ready to buy it there and then, but I listened to my wiser self and decided to sleep on it. I thanked the sales guy (how do they know which bag you're going to love? They must go through some special training), and told him that I needed to think about it.

As I walked out of the Gucci store, almost to taunt me, a lady walks right in front of me carrying the Louis Vuitton Pallas, and I take a few moments to admire just how beautiful that bag is... and then I'm back to reality. And on my way to the Miu Miu store.

It doesn't end, does it? To be continued...

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Daisy said...

Miu Miu it is. The Shutdown can't touch Miu Miu. I was surprised, I thought you would return to LV and go home with the Pallas. Can't wait for more!