October 10, 2013

Michael Kors Handbags

I don't even know when Michael Kors came into the picture of my handbag saga, but he did. And it was because of this bag:

Does it remind you of anything? Some other bag a lot more expensive? I thought so.

So I started wondering if maybe this could be a cheaper alternative, and then that became the obstacle as well: what if this is JUST a cheaper alternative?

And I started looking more closely at Michael Kors. He is, after all, a reputable designer. My image of him is this always smiling and solar guy, clean cut and with a great tan. His trademark are his golden colors, his golden totes, his golden clothes. So what is he up to now?

Looking closely, maybe he's up to no good. Or a lot of good. It's all relative, and depends on your opinion. But let me show you:

This is his Jet Set Medium Travel Tote, which looks just like the Louis Vuitton Neverfull. Even the inside is the same, with barely one pocket. The good news is that it costs $248.

This is his East West Zip Top Tote:

It totally looks like the Louis Vuitton Totally! But it costs $228 and I have to say that it's a nice bag.

I almost appreciate what Michael Kors is doing, which is providing a cheaper alternative to Louis Vuitton while still buying a "designer" brand (we're not buying a knock-off!).

The Michael Kors Miranda looks a lot like the new W bag from Louis Vuitton:

But here I will cut Michael some slack because EVERY designer is copying this bag right now. Just look around you.

But Michael Kors doesn't only dabble in Louis Vuitton territory: he goes down to the very popular Longchamp:

And then all the way up to HERMES!

What are your thoughts on designers copying so much from each other?

ps: I just found this old post I did about Michael Kors Handbags in 2008. How time flies!

pps: I bought my bag! Stay tuned to find out which one...


Daisy said...

I like so many of the Michael Kors. I'm not crazy about the first two which had his initials printed all over them. The last one is lovely. I also liked the Miranda. It is a good alternative to LV. I can't wait to find out which one you chose.


Daisy said...

I walked into a Marshall store last night and saw some nice handbags in a big bin. A few bright ones caught my eye. The material felt like leather. They turned out to be Marc Jacobs. I didn't know Marshall carried brand names. They were indeed nice, but cost around $500.00 each, on sale. I looked after my wallet and walked away.

Today I ordered a hoodie that had a pretty design on it and the words "This is what a Cancer Survivor looks like." in fuchsia and lavender. It is a big improvement from 3 years ago, after hearing the initial diagnosis, in a frenzy, I ordered 5t shirts that read F-Cancer. It reflected my mind set at the time but not anymore.

Daisy, doing good