October 6, 2013

Miu Miu Bow Satchel vs Matelasse' Handbags

My last stop in the handbag shopping "novela" was Miu Miu. Not so much because it was a planned stop, but mostly because the store was right there, and I told myself: "why not"?

Once inside the store, though, I knew which bags I wanted to test drive: the Bow Satchel and any one of the Matelasse' handbags.

The sales lady was so nice and immediately started joking around with my daughter, pointing at all the different pink bags in the store. Miu Miu has so many bags in pink right now!

When I told her about the two bags I wanted to try, she immediately suggested going for the Bow Satchel, because she said the Matelasse' was a more delicate material and so less of an "everyday" bag. It made sense to me and so I didn't even try the Matelasse'

and went directly for the Bow Satchel.

I have to say that I liked this bag even more in person than I did on a picture. It's very spacious and it's comfortable to carry around. The material is very soft, and it comes in many different colors.

Lastly, it comes in two sizes, and I believe I tried the smaller size which was just perfect for me.

Unfortunately, this satchel costs about $1,250, and deep down I knew it wasn't a contender for the semifinals. That match had the Louis Vuitton going against the Gucci since day one.

But if I ever make tons of more money than I do now, I will definitely buy a Miu Miu Bow Satchel, and I even think I know in which color:

this one
or maybe this one

After thanking the sales lady, I left the store ready to go home. I had some heavy thinking to do.

To be continued...

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