November 23, 2013

Holiday 2013 Party Dresses

This year I already know where I'm buying my dress from, but I can't tell you. Not just yet.

See, the thing is that I have this curse, but I guess it's a common curse in the fashion world, of not wanting to reveal in advance "who will I be wearing". I love the surprise element of showing up the day of the party and showing off my new dress. And it should be that way after all the work that goes into selecting such dress, don't you agree?

Plus, I always love a fun game, and teasing my co-workers about it, it's cute to me. So I've already told them I can't tell them, and that maybe I will blog about it. So if they come here with hopes of finding out, I can't make it too easy for them. I can leave some clues, though. Like this dress, from their holiday collection.

Isn't it pretty?

I was thinking about black lace this year, and this dress might still be in the run. I haven't seen it in person, and I would need to try it on first before I buy it, so a trip to the store is necessary, probably this weekend.

I am only afraid that I am not in top shape, and probably can't pull this dress off like this model does... but hey, there is only one way to find out.

The next dress that I love from this collection is not your typical Christmas party dress, and that is an extra reason why I love it. Check it out:

How gorgeous is the color? You don't need to wear red or green, and with something like this, you're sure to be a head-turner.

I also love that it doesn't just fall flat on your body, but it has all these folds that add a bit of cushion between the dress and the body, to help hide imperfections.

And a dress like this is a great staple to have on your wardrobe because it can be worn practically for any other occasion you can think of (weddings, cruises, vacations, misc. parties...)

But if you really want to stick with traditional, well, there is a similar dress in red:

I mean it's pretty and all, but for some reason red is not on my list this year.

As you have noticed, all of these dresses are short, and that is because our holiday party is always early in the afternoon, so early that even these dresses are sometimes "too much" for the occasion. But us girls love to dress up and nothing can stop us, right?

I just wish I had the guts to show up with a long dress, but I would probably look so out of place...

But that doesn't stop me from looking and let me show you two options for longer dresses from this same store I can't reveal yet...

Funny enough, I believe these next two options are influenced by two of my favorite TV shows:

If you watch "Revenge", you know this is something that Emily Thorne would wear, especially when in a particularly revenge-y mode.

While I am not a fan of the short red dress this year, I would totally wear this long red dress if my party was more formal.

As you can see, I'm having a preference for halter necks, because it's a style that suits me and also because I believe shoulders are sexy and easier to show off than cleavage, especially in a business-corporate setting.

So you can still be sexy and keep your job (I know, I know, some jobs you keep because you're sexy).

The other option, totally reminds me of this other TV show I'm watching these days "Scandal" and Olivia Pope is the best dressed woman on a TV show I've ever watched who would totally wear something like this (she mostly wears white):

I am afraid this dress is hard to pull off, though, especially if you have some extra pounds hovering about like me, but there is no law against going to the store and giving it a try (and then using the motivation to hit the gym and lose some weight).

I so want to buy this dress and save it for my summer vacation. It's so simple yet so sophisticated and elegant, and with a light tan and a little muscle definition on the arms, this dress can make a woman feel like a goddess.

So this is it for now, I'm sorry but I can't share the name of the store with you yet, but I will soon, and in case you're desperate to find out before then, just shoot me an email and I will gladly reveal it to you in private.


Ok, now I can tell you: it's Cache'


Maria said...

haha, I've been doing the same thing. Only shopping for my MOB dress, which I decided is going to be long. I did not see anything I liked at first two stores I went, but then hit the jackpot at the third.

It's been fun and although I bought two dresses I like very much, I still have a few months to finalize my choice. Of course I need to get in shape too - but I'm motivated :-)

PS - LOVE Scandal! My guilty pleasure, LOL.

NY Spender said...

Maria, congrats on your daughter's wedding! I know many MOB have a few dresses by the time the wedding rolls around, so don't feel sorry, it's normal! One of my favorite MOB dresses was my grandmother's for my aunt's wedding. It was a deep blue, between royal and navy, and it was see-through on the sleeves and on the neck with sequins shining all over but not overwhelming it. Below the neck was probably satin and simple and long. Basically a classic, and it looked so good on her. The trick is finding the right color that works for you, and then have it tailored so that it looks like it was made for you.
If you're still looking there is a nice store in Brooklyn, expensive but nice, email me if you're interested. Online Nordstrom has dresses at decent prices, and if you want to spend a little more, Saks has some great designs under $500!
And OMG, this last episode of Scandal was soooo good, can't wait for the next one! :)

Anonymous said...
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Daisy said...

All the dresses are gorgeous. It so much fun to glam up on occasion. Still preparing for the big dinner tonite. Happy Turkey Day everyone and may we all be thankful for the good things and people in our lives.


Maria said...

Thank you, we are very excited!

I did get the dresses at Nordstrom's after striking out at L&T and Bloomies.

One dress was reasonably priced, the other was $600. I wasn't going to get the expensive one, but my husband really liked it and told me to get it; he said I could always change my mind. The expensive one reminded us of a vintage glamorous movie star dress. The other one was also nice, in teal with sequins - but a bit less memorable.

When I was trying on the dresses, took photos to send to my daughter. Smart girl that she is, she went to designer's site and found the $600 dress on sale at almost half the price. It was the only dress on sale! So I marched back up to dress dept, showed them the sale price on my phone and they matched the price, no questions asked.

Since it was Nordstrom's, I have plenty of time to decide, even waiting until new styles come out in late January. But at the very worst, I at least have SOMETHING and won't be going to the wedding in my birthday suit - or sweats! LOL

NY Spender said...

Awesome! It's so good to know little tricks like this one to get better prices. I feel bad for all the people that pay full price without ever asking questions. I'm getting to the point where I ONLY buy when it's on sale (with very few exceptions).