November 7, 2013

My New East West Michael Kors Handbag

And here it is! My new handbag, the MICHAEL for Michael Kors East West tote.

After much thought and consideration, I opted for the Michael Kors handbag over the Louis Vuitton. Take a minute to look at it (I know, I know, I need to crank up the diet!)

This is the bag up close:

It's without a doubt a twin replica of the Louis Vuittons, but it's so much easier on the wallet that it would be crazy not to at least consider the possibility of buying this instead of that. Don't you think?

I also chose this one because of the inside:

While the Louis Vuitton's tote has barely a pocket, this East West tote has a middle zipped area for the most prized possessions (wallet!), and then a phone pocket (which I love!), a key chain so you can find your keys in a sec, and three other slots to organize as you wish. All of this instead of just a bottomless bag where everything gets lost. Love!

Also, even though this bag costs $250 and it's a lot less than the $1,000 of a Louis Vuitton, it's still an expensive bag for every day use, so much so that I've been afraid to sit it on the floor for just a few seconds when I had to, I never just "throw" it on the car seat but carefully and gently place it there, and overall I just make sure that I don't scratch it nor bang it anywhere.

So I can't imagine buying an every day Louis Vuitton bag like the Neverfull and not being obsessed about not getting it dirty, scratched, banged up... I think it would be too stressful for me. How do you just throw a $1,000 bag on the floor of a fitting room, or worse still, of a public bathroom with a broken handbag hook???

I do have to admit that here and there I mentally compare the two handbags and that I'm a little harsh with my East West tote, for example when I saw it sagging on one side the other day, because the stuff inside wasn't distributed evenly, and so I immediately wondered if the Louis Vuitton wouldn't have sagged so easily. But then again, who knows? Maybe it would have, too.

But in the end I know I've made the right decision. Until I become a lot richer where I can afford to rip a $1,000 bill in the middle without thinking about it twice, I'll stick to the cheaper and less stressful option, and save the big guns for special occasions only (I do have ONE Louis Vuitton that only comes out for birthdays and weddings).


Maria said...

Congratulations! Use it in good health :-)

I like that the inside is well thought out and practical.

I have a large Longchamps Le Pliage, which is sturdy and roomy - but it's a bottomless pit! So hard to find anything. But it is lightweight and I don't mind too much if it gets banged around, LOL.

Soos said...

Congratulations! Here's part 4 of my handbag saga:

Soos said...

Read it on your recommendation. Thought-provoking! See my review:

Daisy said...

You've made a BRILLIANT choice! The MK handbag is aesthetically pleasing and it is practical. I don't get why a handbag that costs $1,000 would not have any compartments inside for phone, wallet, etc.

You look fabulous. I love your hairstyle and clothing. It's very stylish. You do know how to put together an outfit, the boots are great as well. - The stylish New Yorker. Enjoy the MK!


NY Spender said...

Thanks Maria, Soos and Daisy! You ladies are my most faithful readers and I've thought about giving you all something nice for the coming holidays.
Stay tuned for your own dedicated giveaway :)