December 11, 2013

My Latest Custom T-Shirt

If you read this blog you know how much I dislike plain t-shirts that have nothing special about them, yet every major store out there sells them, and after you've bought a black t-shirt, a white one and a grey one, you can be a little more adventurous and step in the realm of the orange and of the yellow t-shirts, and, oh my, of the lime green ones, too!

But why?

Why buy the lime green t-shirt just because you can own so many black t-shirts before getting bored of them?

The real reason is that the choices are so poor that we are "forced" to buy all these plain t-shirts in all these weird colors that don't look good on us because while we can't have only 3 t-shirts (a white, a black, a grey one), we feel stupid owning 12 t-shirts in the same 3 colors (4 white ones, 4 black ones, 4 grey ones). So we convince ourselves that color variety is the answer and we start buying all these plain, funny colored t-shirts in colors that don't look good on nobody. 

Well, I don't do that anymore. Now I make my own t-shirts. I have been for a while and my collection is growing and making me prouder every day. And while there are many different companies that offer this service online, for my latest design I used, and I've found their interface very easy to use, with a good selection of t-shirts quality and colors. 

But let me show you my latest design (it literally took me 5 minutes to do this):

I love using references to stuff that I love. Sometimes I will create a t-shirt with a quote from a book, sometimes it will be from one of my favorite videogames (nerd, I know), one day hopefully it will be one of my paintings (I don't have one "worthy" yet). This last time I went for one of my favorite TV shows (can you guess which one?) and I loved that I was able to create the "double-infinity" graphic without even having to upload my own design (their database has a lot of clip art).

So if you are a little tired of the same old t-shirt, and/or if you want impress someone with an original gift, visit Allied Shirts and let your imagination run wild (just don't pick a lime green color!) and I'm sure you (they) will love it, too.

For any other printing needs, visit Allied Shirts' other brands: and Printcopia (which I also use).

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