December 5, 2013

NY Spender's Holiday Gift Guide 2013

This year I want my Christmas shopping done by the end of this week. I'm serious. I want to focus my attention on house decorating and especially on the table: I'm preparing dinner on Christmas' Eve and I am being very ambitious, which means either we'll have an amazing dinner or we'll have to order something out when my main course doesn't turn out the way I want it...

So Friday I'm hitting the mall, and anything else I am ordering online... today! Otherwise I have to pay extra for expedited shipping, and who wants to do that?!? 

If you still need ideas for your shopping list, please feel free to use any of my suggestions for this year:

Give candles. It's amazing how many candle companies are out there, and in a way they all do the same thing. Well, here is a company that has surprised me with "different" candles, with beautiful candles, actually. 

Check them out, and then stay tuned because I will have a candle giveaway very soon.

I am all for relaxation. I love to relax. I love massages, "zen" music and meditation. I love to just close my eyes and forget about the world for 10 minutes (when I can).

I've already showed you some products from DreamTime, and here is the link again if you need a "relaxing" gift:

Give a book. But skip the big box stores and support your local bookstore. I love Akashic Books online because of their unusual selections. 

And if you have a big Nirvana fan in your family (me!), you can give them this "Letters to Kurt" book, written by "Hole"'s guitarist Eric Erlandson, who was Courtney Love's boyfriend before Kurt (you see where I'm going?).

This book is so intense that I've been writing a review about it and I can't finish it because I have so much to say. Stay tuned for this review (coming very soon, I hope!).

The Wimpy Kid is everywhere! The bestselling Diary series is up to book number 8 and young readers simply love his stories. 

Stay tuned for a special giveaway for the Wimpy Kid lover in your life and in the meantime, check out the book at:

A great present is a canvas print of a favorite picture. This year I just printed in a 16x20 format a beautiful picture of my daughter posing with Thinkerbell at Disney World, and it looks amazing! 

Their quality is superb and the colors are always brilliant!

Another amazing present comes from Target and its YesVideo service: 
If you have any vintage videos (think old video tapes and film reels) stored away, wouldn't it be great to bring them back to life and even give them as presents?

Imagine your daughter who is now 40 years old (I'm speaking from experience) and has a few videos of herself as a baby but can't watch them because they are in a 8mm format. Wouldn't it be great to give her a disc she can play immediately on her computer and surprise her with memories that have been buried in the attic for too long??? Check out YesVideo and hurry so that you can still get the best present on time!

Finally, give the gift of music.

Music is something we wouldn't be the same without. And I love passing my favorite artists and songs down to my daughter (much to her daddy's dismay, since we have polar tastes in music! lol)

This year, a lot of my friends have become first time mommies, and very few of them are sleeping through the night. Well, this is what I'm giving them:

Violin Lullabies

Violin Lullabies features 25 cradle-songs by some of the world’s greatest composers and is performed by new mother and international concert violinist, Rachel Barton Pine, and pianist Matthew Hagle.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!!! 

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