January 9, 2014

Disney "Frozen" Merchandise Is Already Sold Out

Dear Disney,

we recently went to see your new movie, Frozen, and we loved it very much: it had a great story, great characters and great music.

As it usually happens in this day in age, when a movie comes out, so does the movie merchandise, and with reason, because as soon as we came out of the movie theater, my daughter wanted a "Frozen" doll, specifically the "Elsa" doll.

So the next day I went to the Disney store to purchase the doll, and to my surprise I didn't find many "Frozen" things. When I asked the sales guy he responded: "We don't really have much "Frozen" merchandise right now"

Hmm. That left me a little perplexed, since the movie just came out in November, so why would you not have the store full of "Frozen" merchandise in December?

I left the store and went home, thinking about buying the doll online, maybe on Amazon.

But when I found the doll on Amazon, the price made me jump a little, since it was $60 instead of the usual $16.95 price tag of these barbie sized Disney dolls!

Again, I was perplexed.

I kept looking, but most of the "Elsa" merchandise was either sold out or priced ridiculously high. (A lot of the "Anna" stuff is available, though, even if it doesn't do me any good. Obviously, Elsa is the character that people liked best.)

What was happening I wasn't sure, but I started to get a feeling... a feeling that most of the "Frozen" merchandise had sold out, or better yet, had been bought en masse by scalpers everywhere and now they were reselling it and making huge profits for themselves.

Now I ask you, Disney: How is this benefiting you?

Not so much, I don't think...

So why wouldn't you quickly replenish your shelves with legit merchandise so that people can buy it at the normal prices instead of having to pay so much more, or, like in my case, sit and wait until you get your "stuff" together?

The only explanations I can think of are:

1) You are placing your orders in China, and for some reason, it's taking you a long time to get new shipments.

2) China is asking for more money and you have not reached an agreement and so the orders are "frozen".

3) The executive person behind the merchandise ordering strategy at Disney is a DreamWorks spy, and secretly plotting your ruin and failure.

We'll continue to sit and wait here, because I am not going to play the scalpers' game, but I am already thinking about putting together my own "Elsa" doll from others we already own (Cinderella + Rapunzel + Periwinkle).


Unknown said...

I can't agree more! My little girls birthday is coming up, and the dolls are almost impossible to get. It might end up in her easter basket instead!

Anonymous said...

I can't agree more. I am disgusted with Disney and I am thinking of selling my stock if this is the way they behave. It has now been months that the website is sold out of everything or clothing is available in one size. Whats wrong with Disney?

NY Spender said...

As an update, I've finally gotten my hands on the dolls, Anna this past Tuesday and Elsa just today! I was just passing by the Disney store (where all the employees have been telling me that they get shipments on Tuesdays and so I've been stalking them every Tuesday). But today, being Thursday I didn't think I was going to find anything new, but just for fun I went in the store, and when I saw the Elsa doll I almost had a heart attack!
I'm guessing, and hoping, that since the movie is coming out on DVD next week, these dolls and items will become more readily available.
Sadly, I don't think my daughter cares so much about them anymore, since we had already bought her the Toys R Us versions.
So now I have 2 sets of these dolls, and the ones from Disney still in the box because it took me so long to get them that I am almost afraid of letting them out of the box.
It didn't have to be this way...