January 2, 2014

Transfer Your Home Movies to DVD with YesVideo

One of my New Year's resolutions is to organize my collections of music, photos and videos. When I say organize I mean get rid of music I don't listen to, print favorite pictures and create photo albums, and transfer videos to DVDs from bits and pieces of hundreds of iphone, videocamera and older home movies videos. Yeah, I know, wish me luck!

One way I am achieving my "video" goal is by using the services of YesVideo, because they are the easiest way I can transfer my home movies from Super 8 to DVD (sure, I've thought about borrowing a projector and playing the movie on the wall while recording the scenes on my iphone, but I seriously doubt the quality would be the same, or any good at all!)

After giving YesVideo a try in the past, I was so impressed with their service that I've decided to transfer over all of my old Super 8s with them, because what's the point of having all these big wheels laying around if I can't watch them?

To be honest, I was aware of other transfer services before, but their prices were ridiculously expensive, and so I've always held on to my old movies, waiting for a better deal, and I'm so glad that I've found YesVideo, because it makes this process so easy and affordable.

But let me show you:

The first step is to go to www.yesvideo.com and enter your email address to get started.

In the next page you select the types of home movies you want transferred to DVD. In this case, I selected a 5-inch reel and a 7-inch reel. You immediately see the cost to process these transfers.

You then have the option of shipping the movies to them yourself, or have them send you an EasyShip Kit.

Once they receive your movies, they will send you an email to confirm receipt, and then another email when the movies have been transferred to video (it usually takes 14 days). At that point you can access and watch your movies online on your computer, and also on your iPhone and iPad with their free apps.

After the transfer is complete, they will ship back your original media to you. If you also wish to have a copy of your movies on DVD shipped back to you, you can select that option when you place your order:

But if you think you will want to edit your movies, you should wait and customize your DVD online, after they've transferred your videos. This process is so simple, all you have to do is drag and drop the different scenes you care about. 

In my case, my film reel had a lot of nothing (including a lot of a "full moon" minutes), until the last scenes, where I finally show up at the beach! 

So the option of customizing the video is priceless for me, because I am able to select scenes from many different film reels and discard any useless ones. 

That way I can fit 10 big and clumsy film reels in just one DVD. The cost of a custom DVD is $9.99.

Another option you have is to create "snippets" from the transferred videos, and you can immediately share them on Facebook or via email. Yes, that's me all tanned at the beach! ;)

YesVideo is a great tool to finally be able to organize your old movies and preserve their survival. Give it a try!

Update: Now you also have the option of sharing your videos on a website or a blog, just by clicking on the blue plus sign next to the videos: Create a link to this snippet, which will give you a code to embed any video you like.

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