February 5, 2014

Michael Kors Hamilton North South Handbag

I had a bag dream.


I just woke up this morning and remember vividly this dream where a co-worker had an awesome bag and I couldn't help but stare. So the first thing I did was go online and try to find this bag. Or any bag. I was like a recovering alcoholic who had a beer dream and now was craving a drink sooo badly.

I'm craving a new bag.

Hi, I'm Elisa. I am a bagaholic. There is no doubt in my mind.

But let me show you what I want... I want a white bag for Summer! It's not such a crazy idea, is it?

A Michael Kors, of course. After I bought my first MK last September for my birthday I now want more of them. And I already had my eyes on this Hamilton North South model, and now in white she looks just perfect.

One question remains, though. This model comes in the above style which is a Saffiano leather and also in the below "regular" leather.

It seems that Saffiano is a treated leather, which is harder and more scratch resistant. I honestly prefer softer leather, but I like the idea of a white bag that will not get dirty easily... oh the dilemma!

I need to get to a Bloomies asap and feel the difference, and then start saving some $358 for it, because summer is coming!!!

P.S. My first Michael Kors bag was the East West Large Tote, so it totally makes sense that now I need to buy a North South Large Bag, doesn't it? I thought so, too.  ;)


Soos said...

You silly. But that's OK, it's a new year, and you have another birthday coming up. White and I would be a disaster, though. Heck, handbags and I = trouble. The outside of my new bag is fine, the inside is fraying. Is there a Soos-proof bag out there for me? Prolly something aluminum outside and Kevlar inside?

NY Spender said...

No, you silly! My birthday is in September, and I need this bag before the summer, hence my problem... lol
A bag for you would be one that is a little more expensive and better made. Maybe a Fossil? Or a DKNY or a Calvin Klein from a discount store? But what you do to this poor handbags???

Daisy said...

The white bag - North South model, as I recall is very, very pretty. A bag dream? That's the first time I've heard of such thing. I don't know if there is a HBA, Hand Bags Anonymous group in NY or elsewhere.


NY Spender said...

Thanks Daisy, but it's ok. I am not ready to quit... ;)

Soos said...

Right now I have a vastly marked-down CK. The outside is holding up. The inside, shredding. Too much stuff. Too heavy.