February 21, 2014

Kors is the new Coach

While some people are getting excited about Coach's new handbags collection, I sit here and yawn. It seems that everybody loves the new Borough bag... but not me.

I feel Coach is losing touch with its own brand and with what it used to stand for, and now is trying hard to be what it is not: a high-class, highly-priced brand. Except that it's failing. The sophisticated simplicity it is trying to achieve is translating, for me, into boring handbags that are looking too masculine for my taste and too expensive for my wallet.

On the other hand, Michael Kors seems to be doing everything right these days. All I have to do is walk into one of his stores and I want to buy everything that's on the shelves! A quest I'm really excited about completing in a few years' time.  ;)

From its bags to its accessories to its perfumes (have you smelled MK's perfumes?!?! Oh wow!!), Michael Kors is my go-to brand of the moment. Every things about this look speaks to me.

I want to be by the water, wearing a few gold toned things, catching a few rays and sporting beautifully toned legs. Oh, and yes, have a nice "boy accessory"  ;)

This, instead, is Coach's ad for the Borough bag: just as bad as the bag. These girls look like they could use a little sun. And a boyfriend.

I mean there is no question about it, Michael Kors is going for a glamorous image for women, and I am all for that. I want to be like her (she looks like she is enjoying herself and looks so stylish)

Instead, why would I want to look like her? And wear a Coach bag that looks like it was left to shrink in the dryer?

In conclusion, definitely, Kors is the new Coach because from handbags 

To wallets

To watches

To shoes


is now better (happier even!) than this


Daisy said...

The MK handbag held by the glamorous model sporting knockout jewelry is an eyeful! The gold wedge is fabulous, if a bit too bright - for parties. I would not completely write off Coach. I'm taking a road trip and going by a few Coach outlets and hoping to find a nice handbag for less. What is it about Coach that's got you down? Has the quality, design, etc deteriorated?

I am completely wiped out. I have been spending this weekend setting up a 55 gallon aquarium. Imagine filling a 1 gallon container with water, add water conditioner, shake vigorously and empty it into the tank. Repeat this 54 more times. Added the decorations. Successfully floated exotic goldfish, the kind one must handle with kid gloves. Now I'm just kicking back observing and waiting for the little guys to grow up.

My pad is starting to resemble Noah's Ark.


NY Spender said...

I don't know, Daisy, I think in general they are becoming too plain and too boring. When I look into a store, nothing catches my eye anymore (well, except the pretty lavender and blush pink leathers they had recently), but still, I feel as if I've been with a boyfriend too long and the love is gone. The spark is gone. And it's time to move on. I need to feel new emotions, and Coach is not doing it for me anymore.

NY Spender said...

As for the aquarium, oh my, been there done that. Never again.
What a pain it was. My fish kept dying, I kept trying to figure out why, I was testing the water all the time, cleaning, goldfish that would eat too much, pregnant guppies giving birth and then I had to worry about the little ones getting eaten by the big ones. And then I would find some dead by the air filters, oh my. Every day coming back from work I would dread looking at the tank, because I was afraid some new fish would have died. The sturdiest ones were the clown loaches, they survived all the other fish and I ended up giving them back to the pet store when I got rid of the tank.
The only way I would ever have a tank again (I do believe it's pretty to look at) is if I win the lottery and I will be able to afford a full time aquarium care taker, because I just don't have the "blue" tumb necessary to keep these poor things alive.

Daisy said...

Let's see if I drive by any MK outlets as well. Maybe I'll be bit by the bug.


Daisy said...

At your service my Lady.

10 years fishkeeping experience. Will create dazzling and healthy tank for your home.


NY Spender said...

First let me win this lottery thing... then consider yourself hired!

NY Spender said...

One more thing... send me an email to nyspender at gmail dot com, I want to ask you a personal question