February 2, 2014

Summer Fit Club - Week 1

Goals for this 1st week:

Walk no less than 28,000 steps 
The idea is to keep moving, find excuses to log more steps in your pedometer, park far away from the store, go up and down steps... buy the Moves app if you need to, it's totally worth it.

Exercise at least 3 days for no less than 20 minutes each time
I am not going to pick days for you because everybody's schedule is different, but make sure you exercise at least three days this week. Yoga is good to begin an exercise routine. Later on, we will make sure to add some aerobics and weights.

Give up one "bad" addiction (soda, chocolate) for at least 2 days
Rome was not built in a day and I can't give up soda all at once! We'll start with two days and we will increment slowly later, when we'll be more into "healthier lifestyle" mode.

Substitute one lunch with a Juice
I won't ask you to starve yourself. For this first week, this is the only change in our diet, have one liquid lunch. Of course, be mindful of what you put in your mouth in general, and try to pick healthier choices when you can. Check out the Summer Fit Board on Pinterest for recipes ideas.

You might want to weight yourself every Monday morning, and also take your measurements (waist, chest, hips), this way you will be able to keep track of your success (failure is not an option).

And most important of all, keep yourself in the zone. Never forget why you're doing this, tell your friends to keep you motivated, read healthy recipes, look at pictures of healthy and beautiful people (also look at pictures of sedentary and sick people to discourage you from quitting). Stick around the blog and pinterest and we'll keep each other going.

See you in a week!


Daisy said...

Woe is me! Give up Coke Cola? I swear that stuff has addictive properties. I have substituted with tea and iced lemon water but still pine after my Coke-Cola much, much more than I would any man.

The thrice a week exercise is fab. Eating too much is not my problem, eating too little and a tendency to sub coffee and coke cola is my problem. Abandoning exercise was a poor choice. I have no health issues that prevent it therefore I have no reason not to. I confess I found drinking veggie juice with celery kinda gross, but I'll try it and maybe I'll like it. Here we go!


Maria said...

Juice - can it be a smoothie instead? I make myself smoothies in my Vitamix, but don't have a juicer yet. Usually coconut water, a banana, couple of cups of the Trader Joe's kale, spinach, chard mix and a handful of berries - blueberries or raspberries. Sometimes I omit banana because of calories or sugar - but I like the final consistency better with the banana - plus all that good potassium!

But I bounce between the city and Long Island, so don't always have my Vitamix. I guess being in the city I can find juices somewhere. There's a Jamba Juice right across the street. Does anyone know if they are a good choice for a healthy juice?

Daisy said...

I'm curious too. I've always thought it was overpriced juice, like Starbucks overpriced coffee. My little 4 year old cousin jumps up and down every time he passes a store for a cup. His momma is smart enough to blend her own subsitute for him.


NY Spender said...

send me your email... I'll invite you to our private area ;)

Soos said...

Aloha! Timing & circumstance resulted in my first green drink for breakfast this am. Since I don't have a juicer & wouldn't want to waste all that great fiber, anyway, I used my immersion blender to liquefy an apple, a small peeled orange & 3 cups of organic baby kale, chard & spinach (I still have half a huge bagful!) with a handful of ice cubes and a teaspoon of chia seeds. I was still picking the chia out of my teeth at lunch, but I was not overly hungry after writing a report & being in 2 meetings! I'll add more ice next time - the husb says it sounded like I was sawing wood! Tomorrow I'm planning an apple, small orange, cup of frozen bloobs (if the fam left me any!) and a cupful of the greens. I'll be @ the farmers' mkt tmw even though the forecast is pouring rain, and I plan to get some carrots, ginger, cukes & citrus to change up my drinks. I try to walk for half an hour every day after dinner plus get in a few stretching exercises.I will give up the handful of nuts I eat before dinner - I started yesterday. Tonight I'm making pumpkin (Japanese kabocha) soup w/onion, tomatoes & a bit of coconut milk. We'll also have some of that chard/kale/spinach mix w/some smoked salmon & some bruschetta - haven't figured out the topping for that yet. Tomatoes would be a natural, but it's been so rainy here, they are not great. Which gives me a SUPER idea for the last of the chard, etc - cooked briefly w/onions, garlic, EVOO, pepper, a splash of wine - to top the toasts! Mahalo for the push, Elisa!

NY Spender said...


Awesome, awesome, awesome!

I'm sending you a private invitation to our "secret" facebook page. We'll use this, that and Pinterest! We will succeed!!! :)))))

Soos said...

If you can overdo fiber, I have done it! Some fam member ate all the frozen bloobs, so I made the same drink as yesterday (my supervisor said it looked like green sludge, but then she juices). With all the veg & fiber from last night, I drank only 8 oz of the drink this am & I had the runs. Good thing this is my day off! I just finished the other 12 oz. I will make up for all that healthiness tonight when I have a pork meatball banh mi!!! There will be lots of walking at the farmers' market tonight, too. Just need to stay away from the pie vendor. Lemon crunch, anyone? Off to make some chia gel, and package some chia seeds for friends...