February 9, 2014

Summer Fit Club - Week 2

How is everybody? Skinnier??  ;)

Amazingly, I am... somewhere and somehow I have lost a few pounds already and I am thrilled and more inspired than ever. All I envision is the beach and me wearing a bikini after 6 years of one-pieces!!!

One thing about one-pieces bathing suits I've noticed is that no matter how hard you try and no matter how hard you look, they will always make you look "matronly". Unless, of course, you buy the ones with cut-outs in all different places, and then you'll look ridiculous for your age (at best) or sluttish (at worst).

So I'm really shooting for a bikini body this summer because I'm tired of looking matronly.

But enough about me, how was your first week on the Club?!?

I did good on 50% of the things: I gave up soda two days, and I drank a fruit juice instead of a meal. Unfortunately on the exercise camp things were hard to achieve, and I will blame the snow everywhere for my lack of walking, in fact I only achieved 12,664 steps in a week instead of the 28,000 suggested. And I only really exercised one day. Oh well, let's try again!

Goals for the 2nd week:

Walk 30,000 steps! Absolutely possible if you walk every day.

Bring up the exercise to 25 minutes three times a week.

Here comes the tough part: give up one bad addiction for three days.

Start snacking on healthy things like nuts, and forget about horrible ones like potato chips.

And if you feel a bit bummed because of the weather or the diet or the exercise, start pampering yourself, take a relaxing bath, try a new perfume, and don't forget your night cream, because we're working towards a skinny and healthy body, which also needs to be hydrated and young-looking.

Keep up the good work!


Maria said...

Yes! This was a good week! Lost a few pounds and getting back into a gym routine :-)

Unknown said...

Like the goals for this week! Just wrote about needing to kick it up as well. We can do this!

Daisy said...

Decreased the soda and started to exercise. Speed walked 37 minutes once this week so far.

Would like to increase the speed but walk no further than previous distance.


Soos said...

Taking a new antacid & limiting the green drinks to every other day. Gained 2.5 lb from Valentine's dinner. What can I say? The chef just got a James Beard Rising Star nomination! I have since lost the weight and am walking more.