February 17, 2014

Summer Fit Club - Week 3

This Summer Fit Club is not as easy as one would think, is it??

And here in New York is so hard these days to just go out for a walk because everything is covered in snow, so you really need to be creative and motivated to get out there and exercise.

Well, I did! When I had enough cabin fever and frustration for not being able to add up to my weekly steps, I went out there and started shoveling, and I hate shoveling!

All in all I didn't reach my walking goal this week (what else is new?), but I did walk more than the week before, almost 20,000 steps. I exercised three days: shoveling, plus swimming and yoga at home.

As for food, I am really controlling my portions, and I try to stop before I am full all the time, and I think it's working. And I stayed away from bad snacks. I still drank soda but skipped it those three days as suggested.

Here is the plan for next week:

We need to start defining muscles and define our exercise routine, so we continue with three days exercise (or more if you wish) for 30 minutes each, and one of them must include this routine:

And another day include legs! Follow these exercises and learn them because we'll keep adding to them.

Let's walk 32,000 steps!

And eat less junk less soda less snacks. We'll have one completely clean day this week, you pick the day, and that day NOTHING on your plate can be junk. Nothing. And still skip your bad indulgence for three days.

So get to work and remember to check out our board on Pinterest for more ideas!

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