February 24, 2014

Summer Fit Club - Week 4

Ok now. I'm doing pretty good with my diet, and I'm losing weight. The problem I am having is with exercise because for one reason or another I am just not exercising as much as I should. So this week is all about exercising!! One goal: EXERCISE A LITTLE EVERY SINGLE DAY!

It can be anything, a yoga session, going up and down the stairs 10 times, walk the dog 30 minutes extra, try-out free classes of something new... anything at all. The point is to MAKE time for exercising even when you feel there is NO time.

This week I'm starting three of those 30 days challenges: the plank challenge

The squat challenge:

And the push-up challenge:

Just by combining these three I will do a lot more than I am doing now... so let's go! Let's get to work!!


Daisy said...

Imagine pre C surgery I did 100 push ups daily. Not quite as many today. Here I go!


Daisy said...

I Did no more than 40 push ups. 80 seconds of plank, in 20 second increments. This is actually FUN, and I am beginning according to what makes me comfortable. To do more would have wear me out, thus less motivated for tomorrow.

How everyone on this first day?!

Keep it coming Spender!


NY Spender said...

I did them all as requested. No 40 push-ups here! Merely 3, but I'm on track! :)
Daisy you must have arm of steel!!!

Daisy said...

I think this little bit of exercise every day is a great idea. More than a little might burn me out. Kinda like math, I learn in small increments at a time best. 100 seconds of plank (luv the word) and 50 pushups. I might give myself tomorrow of to cut it all by half before adding more the day after.